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Guy N Smith

(Guy Newman Smith)
UK flag (1939 - )

aka Jonathan Guy, Gavin Newman

Guy Newman Smith (born 1939, Hopwas, Staffordshire) is an English writer of horror fiction.

He wrote his first horror book, Werewolf by Moonlight in 1974, which spawned two sequels. He is probably best known for a series of six Crabs books, the first of which, Night of the Crabs, was published in 1976. The series chronicles invasions by giant, man-eating crabs of various areas of British coastline. These books are legendary in the horror fiction world, so much so that they were even spoofed by the award winning comedian and writer Matthew Holness under the guise of his Garth Marenghi persona.

1. Black Knights (1977)
2. Hi-jack! (1977)
1. Deathbell (1980)
2. Demons (1987)
1. Thirst (1980)
2. The Plague (1987)




Creature Feature (2009) (with William Meikle and Simon Kurt Unsworth)
Hangman's Hotel And Other Stories (2014)
Shadows And Teeth (2017) (with Duncan Bradshaw, S J Deighan, David O Hughes, Antonio Simon Jr, Adam Millard, Nicholas Paschall, Ramiro Perez de Pereda and Nathan Robinson)
Masters of Horror (2017) (with Michael Bray, Ramsey Campbell, Daniel Marc Chant, Andrew Freudenberg, Jim Goforth, Matt Hickman, Shaun Hutson, Jaime Johnesee, Brian Lumley, Shane McKenzie, Gary McMahon, Peter Mckeirnon, Adam Millard, Adam Nevill, Anton Palmer, J. R Park, Kit Power, Craig Saunders, Matt Shaw, Jeff Strand, Sam West, Wrath James White and Clare Riley Whitfield)
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Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Guy N Smith
Short stories
Hollow Eyes (1986)
The Doll (1987)
Vampire Village (1988)
Come on in and Join Us (1989)
Crustacean Revenge (1989)
The Baby (1990)
The Decoy (1990)
Return to Innsmouth (1992)
Last Train (1994)
Larry's Guest (1997)
The Mist People (1997)

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