Howard L Myers

USA flag (1930 - 1971)

aka Verge Foray

From a note on publisher Baen website: ""In the 1960s, Myers' stories came pouring outalmost every one of them excellent, ranging from the chilling to some of the wittiest science fiction stones ever written." Eric Flint and Guy Gordon

Publisher's Note: Among insiders, Baen Books has become quite renowned for its penchant for "rediscovering" great SF, and Eric Flint has become famous for compiling and editing old greats. You probably haven't met "Verge Foray" (pen-name of Howard L. Myers) before. Well, lucky you; this is your chance to test out Baen's reputation, and Eric's, plus you have a pretty good shot at several hours of solid, edifying entertainment. Jim Baen"

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Howard L Myers
Best SF: 1972 (1973)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 6
Short stories
Out, Wit! (1972)