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Laurel Oke Logan

Daughter of Janette Oke

Laurel Oke Logan is the daughter of Janette Oke, awarding-winning author of Christian fiction, whose bestselling books have sold over eleven million copies, and Dr. Edward Oke. Laurel grew up in a small town on the Canadian prairie with three brothers who kept life exciting and eventful.

She married during her college days and soon after began writing her first novel, Gillian. She and her husband, Marvin, are the parents of four children and Laurel has been able to resume writing on a part-time basis while she homeschools her children.

Laurel Oke Logan has joined with her mother, in the writing of Janette's life story.

Laurel continued her education at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana, and Purdue University. She has taught writing seminars to high school students, as well as assisting Janette Oke with her writing projects. She and her husband and children make their home in Indiana

Genres: Inspirational
   Impasse (1997)
   Dana's Valley (2001) (with Janette Oke)
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Non fiction