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Nancy Thayer is an American novelist who has written twenty-three books. She lives in Nantucket, Massachusetts, with her husband, Charles Walters. They have two children: Joshua Thayer and Samantha Wilde, who is also a novelist.

Genres: Romance, General Fiction
Nancy Thayer recommends
Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes (2006)
(Kudzu Debutantes, book 1)
Cathy Holton
"It's great fun reading about these women as they trade their tea for tequila and get smart, get out, and get even, with amusing, and surprising results."
Miss You Most of All (2010)
Elizabeth Bass
"A funny, poignant, and deeply satisfying novel. What I loved about it most of all was the authentic portrait of a family with all its imperfect and humble acts of love-those things that truly make our lives worthwhile."
The Lake Season (2015)
Hannah McKinnon
"Hannah McKinnon's The Lake Season is a pure delight. Iris Standish is such an appealing woman, handling an overload of family calamities with good sense and good will, not to mention a few really good times. It's a bonus that the setting on Lake Hampstead is as enticing and refreshing as McKinnon's voice."
The Bloom Girls (2017)
Emily Cavanagh
"Emily Cavanagh’s The Bloom Girls unfolds as smoothly as petals on summer flowers. This novel will be nectar to anyone who has a deep secret, a troubled love, or a wonderful, irritating, comforting family."
The Halo Effect (2017)
Anne D Leclaire
"After I finished reading The Halo Effect, I sat thinking for a long time about the people in this beautiful novel, so much like the ones I know and love."
White Sand, Blue Sea (2017)
Anita Hughes
"In WHITE SAND, BLUE SEA, Anita Hughes enchants us with a beautiful family vacationing on a gorgeous Caribbean island. Then a charming and infuriating man comes along to spice up the mix. I couldn’t imagine how it would all turn out, but I savored each delectable page."
Good Karma (2017)
Christina Kelly
"Good Karma is a fast-paced, funny, great good fortune of a novel that has it all: a love story, a mystery, eccentrics, adorable dogs, and even an alligator. Christina Kelly has a talent for touching our hearts even as she has us falling off the sofa with laughter."
Women in Sunlight (2018)
Frances Mayes
"Frances Mayes's novel about the feasts and friendships of four American women in the Tuscan countryside is a joy for the senses and an awakening for us all to the possibilities in our lives. Women in Sunlight is one of those novels you'll want to linger in, to leave open on your bedside table, to read each page again and again."
The High Season (2018)
Judy Blundell
"The High Season is a wickedly good read—hilarious, poignant, and insightful—with a breathtaking finale. If you’ve ever served on a committee, or lived in a resort town, or had friends or parents or children or an infuriating spouse, you will love this book. I did!"
Good Luck with That (2018)
Kristan Higgins
"I LOVED Good Luck with That! It’s hilarious, heartbreaking, surprising,and so true to life."
Drawing Home (2019)
Jamie Brenner
"I loved Drawing Home! It was original, delicious, and surprising. Jamie Brenner is wise beyond her years."
The Favorite Daughter (2019)
Patti Callahan Henry
"A layered, spellbinding novel about families and lovers and the meaning of home. Above all, it’s about memory, how it shapes us, fools us, and warms our hearts. This is one truly beautiful book."
Last Day (2020)
Luanne Rice
"Last Day, by Luanne Rice, shines with its brilliant plot about four women friends, their families and loves, and, shockingly, a murder. Rice’s writing is flawless and fast, her characters are like the women I have coffee with, and the desire, violence, and betrayals shock me and remind me of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies."
East Coast Girls (2020)
Kerry Kletter
"Kerry Kletter's East Coast Girls is a mix of gorgeous writing and page-turning suspense as four friends enjoy summer pleasures that lead to terrible mistakes, desperate choices, and, as we all hope from the ones we love, the grace of forgiveness."
Summer Darlings (2020)
Brooke Lea Foster
"Summer Darlings is a perfect summer book, packed with posh people, glamor, mystery, and one clever, brave, young nanny. This book just might be the most fun you'll have all summer."
The Bookstore on the Beach (2021)
Brenda Novak
"The Bookstore on the Beach is a page-turner with a deep heart. You’ll cheer for these admirable, complicated women. You’ll be breathless (and smiling) when you read the surprising end. (Don’t peek!)"
Margreete's Harbor (2021)
Eleanor Lincoln Morse
"I was held spellbound by the brilliance and beauty of Margreete's Harbor. The family, the children, the music, the pets, the senile grandmother, the idealistic father, still live in Maine, in my heart and mind, like all the very best novels we are given to treasure."
The Clover Girls (2021)
Viola Shipman
"The Clover Girls is Viola Shipman's most beautiful novel yet, and her most important."
Haven Point (2021)
Virginia Hume
"Unfolding from WWII to the present day, this delicious, intricate novel is woven together with romance, tragedy, family secrets and breath-taking surprises. I will read Haven Point over and over. I'll give it to my friends. I'll read anything Virginia Hume ever writes."
The Summer of Lost Letters (2021)
Hannah Reynolds
"The Summer of Lost Letters by Hannah Reynolds is an absolute gem. It's a story full of love, family, and secrets, told with humor and wisdom. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Spend a perfect Nantucket summer with The Summer of Lost Letters."
The Last Chance Library (2021)
Freya Sampson
"The Last Chance Library is absolutely irresistible! Curl up and indulge in Freya Sampson’s charming novel about a shy librarian in a small town with a great cause. You’ll have such a good time and you'll love the unexpected twist at the end!"
Write My Name Across the Sky (2021)
Barbara O'Neal
"Barbara O’Neal weaves an irresistible tale of creativity, forgery, family, and the FBI in Write My Name Across the Sky. Willow and Sam are fascinating, and their aunt Gloria is my dream of an incorrigible, glamorous older woman."
Paradise Girls (2022)
Sandy Gingras
"The Paradise Girls is a heavenly book, wise and funny, surprising, realistic, and a joy to read from the first page to the last. I recommend this book, heart and soul!"

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