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Cathy Pegau

Cathy Pegau cut her writing "teeth" on sword and sorcery fantasy and science fiction romance, but also loves the challenge of trying new things. While researching local history for an Alaska-based post-apocalyptic pirate tale, she learned of some real life events that spurred the creation of a historical mystery. No speculative fiction, no aliens, no magic. It's funny where research will lead.

She writes what catches her fancy: Science fiction, fantasy, romances, historical, paranormal...Anything is possible, as long as there's a good story and interesting characters.

Cathy lives in a small fishing town in Alaska with her family, pets, and the occasional black bear wandering through the yard.
   Sci Spanks 2014 (2014) (with Louisa Bacio, Erzabet Bishop, Leigh Ellwood, Natasha Knight, Eve Langlais, Eva Lefoy, Sue Lyndon, Anne Ferrer Odom, Olivi, Kate Richards, Maren Smith, Jessica E Subject and Anastasia Vitsky)