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(Melissa Ann Brite)
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Poppy Z. Brite (born Melissa Ann Brite on May 25, 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American author.

Early in Brite's career, she was best known for writing gothic and horror novels and short stories. Her trademarks have included using gay men as main characters, graphic sexual descriptions in the works, and an often wry treatment of gruesome events.

Genres: Mystery, Horror
Series contributed to
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
   Courtney Love (1997)
   Portrait of a Phantom (2017) (with Zeke Schein)
Anthologies containing stories by Poppy Z Brite
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Short stories
Missing (1986)
Optional Music for Voice and Piano (1986)
Angels (1987)
The Elder (1987)
A Georgia Story (1987)
Footprints in the Water (1990)
His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood (1990)
Xenophobia (1990)
The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire (1991)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Calcutta, Lord of Nerves (1992)World Fantasy (nominee)
How to Get Ahead In New York (1992)
The Sixth Sentinel (1993)
Saved (1994) (with Christa Faust)
Toxic Wastrels (1994)
Mussolini and the Axeman's Jazz (1995)
Entertaining Mr Orton (1997)
Self-Made Man (1997)
Triads [short story] (1997) (with Christa Faust)
Enough Rope (1998)
Vine of the Soul (1998)

Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (1992) : The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire
Bram Stoker Best First Novel nominee (1993) : Lost Souls
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1993) : Calcutta, Lord of Nerves
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1994) : Drawing Blood
Bram Stoker Best Novel nominee (1997) : Exquisite Corpse

Poppy Z Brite recommends
Death's Door (1992)
Ron Wolfe and John Wooley
"...a vastly entertaining, intelligent book with a lot of heart."
Bloodlines (1995)
J N Williamson
"J. N. Williamson is a horror classic."
Merlin's Gift (1997)
(Mordred Duology, book 2)
Ian McDowell
"Ian McDowell is one of the best authors working in dark fantasy."
Polymorph (1997)
Scott Westerfeld
"Though provoking and a ripping good read ... I devoured Polymorph in one sitting."
Caliban and Other Tales (2002)
Robert Devereaux
"I wish I could hope to ever attain one-thousandth the perversity of Robert Devereaux's least toenail clipping."
The Five of Cups (2003)
Caitlín R Kiernan
"If you have no appetite for bland, 'likable' characters -- if the suburban protagonists of countless paperback horror novels reflect none of your experiences or desires -- if you want to crawl inside the heads of predators and savor the dark excesses there -- in short, if you still long for the awe inspired by a tale larger and stranger than the sum of its parts on the page, then you will treasure the work of Caitlin R. Kiernan. She writes from a place you and I cannot imagine. The fact that she allows you to experience this place through fiction does not mean she will compromise to suit your tastes or coddle your fears."
Crawlers (2003)
John Shirley
"With his electric intensity... Shirley is one of the most original voices in fiction today."
November Mourns (2005)
Tom Piccirilli
"Brilliant and deeply unsettling."
Bloodangel (2005)
(Bloodangel, book 1)
Justine Musk
"Justine Musk is a talented, vivid writer and a voice we're going to be hearing for a long time."
Severed Wings (2020)
Steven-Elliot Altman
"An erotic and lyrical fantasy thriller, aptly set in the city of lost angels."

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