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Linda S Prather

USA flag (b.1955)

Linda S. Prather is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author living in Lexington, Kentucky.  Shehas always had a penchant for things a little outside the norm. “I saw my first “ghost” when I was five years old, and I’ve spent a lifetime trying to understand that vision.  Was it real?  And if it was, why?  I became a paranormal investigator and love old houses that go bump in the night. I can often be found in old cemeteries just hanging out.” Linda says.

She has studied metaphysics, including the areas of touch healing, dream analysis, meditation and hypnosis. The power of the mind has always fascinated her.

When reading she love books that allow her to travel around the world without ever leaving home.  As an author her greatest desire is to create characters that readers can love and hate, laugh and cry with, and stories that allow the reader to spend a few hours in sheer entertainment.

The Jacody Ives series was her first attempt to combine her love of true mystery and the paranormal.  The Catherine Mans’ series continues and expands that combination, delving into the darker side of the power of the mind.

She finished her first romantic suspense in 2015, and having been a member of the judicial system for the past 19 years, wrote her first two legal thrillers in 2016.  Also in 2016 she joined long-time friend and fellow NYT bestselling author, M. A. Comley in a joint series titled the Deception series.  They released their first novella and two full-length novels in 2016.

Genres: Mystery
Jacody Ives Mystery
1. The Gifts (2006)
2. Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery (2010) (with Charles W Prather Jr)
Jacody Ives Mysteries Boxed Set (omnibus) (2013)
Catherine Mans' Suspense
1. Bet you can't... FIND ME (2013)
2. Eternal Beauty (2013)
Jenna James Legal Thrillers
1. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2015)
2. Shadows of Doubt (2015)
3. No Doubt (2018)
Redmond Investigations
1. The Forgotten (2017)
2. Innocent Blood (2017)
Andi Carter Mystery
1. The 13th Victim (2017)
2. 48 Hours (2018)