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Justin Scott

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aka J S Blazer, Paul Garrison

Justin Scott has written twenty-three thrillers and mystery novels, including The Shipkiller, Normandie Triangle, A Pride of Royals, Rampage, The Widow of Desire, The Nine Dragons, and Treasure Island: A Modern Novel. With many of his books set at sea, he has been called "the Dick Francis of yachting."

His main pen name is Paul Garrison under which he has written five sea stories, though he was also written mysteries as J.S.Blazer and Alexander Cole. These days they all live in Connecticut with his wife, the filmmaker Amber Edwards.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Many Happy Returns (1973)
Deal Me Out (1973) (as by J S Blazer)
Treasure for Treasure (1974)
Lend a Hand (1975) (as by J S Blazer)
The Turning (1978)
The Shipkiller (1978)
Normandie Triangle (1981)
     aka The Man Who Loved the Normandie
A Pride of Royals (1983)
     aka A Pride of Kings
Spy (1984)
The Auction (1985)
Rampage (1986)
The Cossack's Bride (1988)
     aka The Widow of Desire
The Hong Kong Edge (1990)
     aka The Nine Dragons
Empty Eye of the Sea (1993)
Treasure Island (1994)