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William Paul

(William Halkerston Clunie Paul)
Scotland (b.1955)

Born and brought up in the east of Scotland, William Paul is a writer and journalist who has been writing since an early age - somewhere in the attic is a picture of a fresh-faced youth with his first royalty cheque - and sees no reason to stop now.

His ideas for books come at him from all angles and sometimes he finds it diffcult to get all that stuff down on the page before it fades, morphs into something entirely different or simply vanishes from his unreliable memory. Wherever and however ideas end up - on the page or in the bin - they just keep coming.

Genres: Mystery
DCI David Fyfe
   1. Sleeping Dogs (1994)
   2. Sleeping Pretty (1996)
   3. Sleeping Partner (1997)
   4. Stranger Things (1997)
   5. Dance of Death (1991)
   Seasons of Revenge (1985)
   Mummy's Boy (1987)
   The Lion Rampant (1989)
   The Hindmost (1991)

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