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Ernesto Quiñonez (born 1966) is an American novelist. His work received the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers designation, the Borders Bookstore Original New Voice selection, and was declared a Best Book by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.
   Bodega Dreams (2000)
   Chango's Fire (2005)
   Taina (2019)
Ernesto Quiñonez recommends
Victim (2024)
Andrew Boryga
"Victim sizzles like Tito Puente on timbales."
A Haunting in Hialeah Gardens (2023)
Raul Palma
"In this Faustian hell of a debut, the prose ripples with a mythical rhythm. Raul Palma has taken a splash of Oscar Hijuelos' musical cadence, a dash of Alejo Carpentier's magic realism, and along with his own considerable power to depict Miami lore, its humanism, its African rituals, its mysterious legends, its strong coffee - the end result is this suspenseful, stylistic, and sensory classic."
Between Two Moons (2023)
Aisha Abdel Gawad
"The Muslim community in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge is a world we hardly know, filled with Arab American women who have long been neglected in the white pages of American Letters. In Aisha Gawad's stylistically superb debut these women are seen, heard, and made known. Aisha's elegant and fearless prose introduces us to Amira and Lina, post 9/11 twin sisters who are scarred witnesses of the distrust, fear, and racism Arab Americans face every day. Yet, they soar. Amira, torn between leaving Brooklyn while staying loyal to her Egyptian heritage, to 'not to be like them' those people, out there in the world, who didn't know us and despised us.' And rebellious Lina, who like Icarus, just might have soared too high towards the violence of men. See Something, Say Something? In this doubtless classic, Aisha Gawad has seen many things, and her bold and dazzling prose illuminates everything."

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