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Rudy Rucker

(Rudolf von Bitter Rucker)
USA flag (b.1946)

Rudy Rucker is a world-class mathematician and two-time winner of the Philip K. Dick Award. He is the author of the cyberpunk classics Software, Wetware and Freeware, as well as numerous other novels, including The Hollow Earth and The Hacker and the Ants. in addition to writing sf and popular mathematics books, he teaches computer science at San Jose State University in California and has co-authored a number of software programs, including an adaptation of James Gleick's Chaos and, more recently, a freeware flicker-cladding simulator known as CAPOW! He lives in Los Gatos, California.

Genres: Science Fiction

   1. Software (1982)
   2. Wetware (1988)
   3. Freeware (1997)
   4. Realware (2000)
Anthologies edited
   Mathenauts (1987)
   Semiotext Science Fiction (1991) (with Peter Lamborn Wilson and Robert Anton Wilson)
   Transreal Cyberpunk (2015) (with Bruce Sterling)
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Rudy Rucker
Short stories
Big Jelly (with Bruce Sterling)
Message Found in a Copy of "Flatland" (1983)
In Frozen Time (1986)
Easy As Pie (1993)
Randy Karl Tucker, or, The Education of a Moldie-Lover (1996)

Philip K Dick Award Best Book winner (1982) : Software
Philip K Dick Award Best Book winner (1988) : Wetware

Rudy Rucker recommends
The Enigmatic Pilot (2011)
Kris Saknussemm
"A tapestry of wonders, a new American myth."
vN (2012)
(Machine Dynasty, book 1)
Madeline Ashby
"vN fuses cyberpunk with urban fantasy to produce something wholly new. Thre's a heavy kicker in every chapter. Zombie robots, vampire robots, robots as strange and gnarly as human beings. A page-turning treat."
Tuskers II: Day of the Long Pig (2015)
(Wild Pig Apocalypse, book 2)
Duncan McGeary
"Pure Pleasure. Superintelligent wild pigs on a rampage. The world needed this book."
The Big Get-Even (2018)
(Glen and Stan, book 1)
Paul Di Filippo
"The Big Get-Even is a smooth-running Swiss watch, compulsively readable and spiked with wry wit. You cheer the motley characters every step of the way to the H-bomb climax. As Di Filippo would say: It's a puzzle wrapped in a mind-f*ck inside a Secret Santa present. Raymond Chandler would love this book."
Strange Labour (2020)
Robert G Penner
"Robert Penner's Strange Labour is a road novel of crystalline exuberance--populated by mindless diggers, resourceful scrabblers, evil drifters, and the heroic Miranda. In the majority are the diggers, eternally bulldozing vast earth-works: cryptic nests of grooves that fill valleys with fluid patterns. Might the diggers be an objective correlative for today's info-tech workers? Individualists tend small farms or scavenge the deserted towns. Mad-Max-style bikers roam the landscape with dog-skulls on their handlebars. Resourceful Miranda has our sympathy throughout. Penner adorns his narrative with poetic evocations of this fallen world. Strange Labour is a book to savour and to love."
Robot Artists and Black Swans (2021)
Bruce Sterling
"Sterling emerges as an Italian cultural figure, within hailing distance of Italo Calvino and Federico Fellini."

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