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Jamie Quatro is an American fiction writer. Her debut story collection, "I Want to Show You More," was published by Grove Press in 2013.
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September 2024

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Two-Step Devil
   Fire Sermon (2018)
   Two-Step Devil (2024)
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Jamie Quatro recommends
Orbital (2023)
Samantha Harvey
"A radiant explosion of a novel."
Cat Brushing (2022)
Jane Campbell
"Jane Campbell is a wonder! It's her clear-eyed vision, rendered in prose as crisp as bone china, that had me rapt. This book flings open a heretofore shuttered window, giving us an invigoratingly fresh and absolutely essential view of the psychology and emotions and appetites of aging women. Jane Campbell, where have you been? We've needed you for a very, very long time."
Tides (2022)
Sara Freeman
"I read Tides in two voracious sittings, thrilled by the push-pull of Sara Freeman's prose: the tightly-controlled surface lyricism barely containing the violent upheaval beneath. Freeman inhabits the mind of her nearly-unhinged narrator so fully that the reader comes to understand -- and even identify with -- the sometimes twisted logic of grief and unmet longing. Who are we, as women, apart from the ones we love, or try to love? A beautiful, painfully prescient debut from a wildly talented new writer."

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