GS Rhodes

GS Rhodes has been writing for as long as he can remember, scribbling stories on spare bits of paper and hoping to one day share those stories with the world. The DI Benjamin Kidd series is GS Rhodes first foray into crime writing, combining a love of where he has lived for a lot of his life with his love of a good mystery. 
You can follow him @GS_Rhodes on twitter and instagram. You can also find him on facebook @GSRhodesAuthor.


Genres: Mystery
DI Benjamin Kidd
   1. When You're Smiling (2021)
   2. Just Keep Breathing (2021)
   3. Your Best Shot (2021)
   4. Be My Baby (2021)
   5. Hand On Heart (2021)
   6. Sticks and Stones (2022)
   7. One Last Smile (2022)
   8. Beyond the Sea (2022)
   9. Exit Stage Death (2023)
DS Zoe Sanchez
   1. Deadly Tears (2022)
   2. Deadly Vengeance (2023)
   3. Deadly Games (2023)
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