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Holly Roth

USA flag (1916 - 1964)

aka K G Ballard, P J Merrill

Holly Roth (1916-1964) was born in Chicago and grew up in Brooklyn and London, but regarded herself as a New Yorker. Her education was the product of many schools, colleges and private tutors, but she emerged with a BA. She worked as a model, then moved on to newspaper and magazine work. She was married to Joseph Franta. She died after falling off a small yacht in the Mediterranean, and her body was never recovered. She also wrote as K.G. Ballard and P.J. Merrill.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller
   The Content Assignment (1954)
   The Mask of Glass (1955)
   The Shocking Secret (1955)
   The Sleeper (1955)
   The Crimson in the Purple (1956)
   The Coast of Fear (1957)
   Shadow of a Lady (1957)
   Five Roads to S'Agaro (1958) (as by K G Ballard)
   Bar Sinister (1960) (as by K G Ballard)
   The Slender Thread (1960) (as by P J Merrill)
   Trial by Desire (1960) (as by K G Ballard)
   Operation Doctors (1962)
   Gauge of Deception (1963) (as by K G Ballard)
   Too Many Doctors (1963)
   Button Button (1966)
   The Van Dreisen Affair (1966)
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