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C E Vulliamy

(Colwyn Edward Vulliamy)
UK flag (1886 - 1971)

aka Anthony Rolls

Aka Anthony Rolls, Twm Teg.

Colwyn Edward Vulliamy (1886-1971) was a Welsh biographer and historian. He was educated privately and studied art under Stanhope Forbes. He entered the Army in WW1 and served in France, Macedonia and Turkey. After the war he wrote mainly biographies and humour, but also produced several inverted mystery novels. He married Eileen Hynes in 1916 and had two children. She died in 1943. His best-known book is The Vicar's Experiments (1932), written under the pseudonym Anthony Rolls.

Genres: Mystery
   Fusilier Bluff (1918)
   Clerical Error (1932) (as by Anthony Rolls)
     aka The Vicar's Experiments
   Lobelia Grove (1932) (as by Anthony Rolls)
   Family Matters (1933) (as by Anthony Rolls)
   Judas Maccabaeus (1934)
   Scarweather (1934) (as by Anthony Rolls)
   The Polderoy Papers (1943)
   Doctor Philligo (1944)
   Don Among the Dead Men (1952)
   The Proud Walkers (1955)
   Body in the Boudoir (1956)
   Cakes for Your Birthday (1959)
   Justice For Judy (1960)
   Little Arthur's Guide to Humbug (1960)
   Tea At The Abbey (1961)
   Floral Tribute (1963)
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