Peter N Walker's picture

Peter N Walker

(Peter Norman Walker)
UK flag (1936 - 2017)
Father of Tricia Walker

aka Andrew Arncliffe, Christopher Coram, James Ferguson, Tom Ferris, Nicholas Rhea

Peter Norman Walker is a former policeman. He was born in Glaisdale, North Yorkshire.He also writes under the pseudonyms 'Andrew Arncliffe', 'Christopher Coram', 'Tom Ferris', and 'Nicholas Rhea'.

Genres: Mystery
   A Call to Danger (1968) (as by Christopher Coram)
   A Call to Die (1969) (as by Christopher Coram)
   Espionage for a Lady (1969) (as by Tom Ferris)
   Fatal Accident (1970)
   Special Duty (1971)
   Identification Parade (1972)
   Major Incident (1974)
   The Dovingsby Death (1975)
   The MacIntyre Plot (1977)
   Missing from Home (1977)
   Target Criminal (1978)
   The Carlton Plot (1980)
   Teenage Cop (1982)
   Robber in a Mole Trap (1985)
   Murder After the Holiday (1985) (as by Andrew Arncliffe)
   Prisoner On the Run (1985) (as by Christopher Coram)
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