Patrick Quentin

(Richard Wilson Webb and Hugh Callingham Wheeler)
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aka Q Patrick, Jonathan Stagge

Patrick Quentin, Q. Patrick and Jonathan Stagge were pen names under which Hugh Callingham Wheeler, Richard Wilson Webb, Martha Mott Kelley and Mary Louise White Aswell wrote detective fiction. In some foreign countries their books have been published under the variant Quentin Patrick.

Most of the stories were written by Webb and Wheeler in collaboration, or by Wheeler alone. Their most famous creation is the amateur sleuth Peter Duluth. In 1963, the story collection The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow was given a Special Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America.

Genres: Mystery
Peter Duluth
   A Puzzle for Fools (1936)
   Puzzle for Players (1938)
   Puzzle for Puppets (1944)
   Puzzle for Wantons (1945)
     aka Slay the Loose Ladies
   Puzzle for Fiends (1946)
     aka Love Is a Deadly
   Puzzle for Pilgrims (1947)
     aka The Fate of the Immodest Blonde
   Run to Death (1948)
   Black Widow (1953)
     aka Fatal Woman
   The Wife of Ronald Sheldon (1954)
     aka My Son, the Murderer
   The Puzzles of Peter Duluth (2016)
Doctor Westlake Mysteries (as by Jonathan Stagge)
   1. Death, My Darling Daughters (1945)
     aka Death and the Dear Girls
   2. Death's Old Sweet Song (1946)
   3. The Three Fears (1949)
   4. Turn of the Table (1940)
     aka Funeral for Five
   6. The Scarlet Circle (1943)
     aka Light from a Lantern
   Murder Gone to Earth (1936)
     aka The Dogs Do Bark
   Murder or Mercy? (1937)
     aka Murder by Prescription
   The Stars Spell Death (1939)
     aka Murder in the Stars
   Murder By Prescription (1940)
   The Yellow Taxi (1942)
     aka Call a Hearse
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Lieutenant Trant Mysteries (as by Q Patrick)
   1. Death for Dear Clara (1937)
   2. The File on Claudia Cragge (1938)
   3. Death and the Maiden (1939)
   4. Return to the Scene (1941)
     aka Death in Bermuda
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   Cottage Sinister (1931) (as by Q Patrick)
   Murder At the Women's City Club (1932) (as by Q Patrick)
     aka Death in the Dovecote
   Murder At Cambridge (1933) (as by Q Patrick)
     aka Murder at the 'Varsity
   S.S. Murder (1933) (as by Q Patrick)
   The Grindle Nightmare (1935) (as by Q Patrick)
     aka Darker Grows the Valley
   Death Goes To School (1936) (as by Q Patrick)
   The File On Fenton & Farr (1937) (as by Q Patrick)
   The Follower (1950)
   Danger Next Door (1951) (as by Q Patrick)
   The Man in the Net (1956)
   The Green-eyed Monster (1960)
   Suspicious Circumstances (1977)
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Short stories
Love Comes to Miss Lucy (as by Q Patrick)