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JC Ryan holds a military degree and served as an officer in the military for seven years before a crippling back injury forced him to change careers. He returned to university studied law and became a lawyer, running his own private practice for more than fifteen years before he moved overseas, became an IT project manager and finally got the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of being a writer.

With the knowledge and experience gained by living and working on three continents and as many careers, Ryan amassed a wealth of knowledge and material which equipped him to take up fiction writing.

Since the publication of The Tenth Cycle in May 2014, his first novel in the very popular Rossler Foundation Mysteries, JC Ryan has become a bestselling author of spellbinding archeological mysteries and crime suspense-thrillers. He has published books in three series.

The Rossler Foundation Mysteries Series - The truth about human history is locked up in the great pyramid, but will we be allowed to know the truth? In this six-part series, JC Ryan captures our imagination with the messages from the Great Pyramid that slowly reveals our past and the characters. This series catches the readers interest by the idea of cycles of civilizations previous to our own and then building up to a veritable tour de force. A well-researched, great plot followed through the six books. One of my favorite authors.

The Carter Devereux Mystery Thriller Series - Over the years, Carter Devereux, a tenured professor of archeology has come to realize that we have warped our own history. Intentionally mistranslating, changing, adapting, and skewing it to fit in with our restricted perceptions - conveniently ignoring what we didn't understand. In his quest to learn more about human history, he made some startling, controversial, and even perilous discoveries, and soon Professor Carter Devereux has ruthless, lethal enemies.

The Exonerated Series - Young, beautiful and still an optimist, Regan St Clair, a judge from the Ninth District, believed she could make a difference when she took pity on the pleas of a desperate wife. She employs Jake Westley, a former Delta Force commando to investigate, as they uncover the truth they step on the toes of a secret evil cabal and all hell breaks loose.

Ryan has been married to his college sweetheart since 1978, and have two daughters and two dogs and make their home on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

If you'd like to know more about him and his books, special offers and a free book, just copy and paste the address www.jcryanbooks.com into your browser to visit his website.

Genres: Thriller