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LEV AC ROSEN is the author of the critically acclaimed All Men of Genius, which was an Amazon Best of the month, on over a dozen best of the year lists, and has been nominated for multiple awards. Publishers Weekly says it puts a steampunk spin on the Victorian comedy of manners while sneakily critiquing the gender biases of both genres. The Onions A.V. Club declares that it slyly examines the psychology and the aesthetics behind the act of human invention, and Locus Magazine says it mixes genres with fearless panache.

At 22, Levs short story Painting was the inaugural piece for the New Voices section of the renowned Esopus magazine. He has written articles on steampunk, postmodernism, and writing for numerous blogs, including booklifenow and tor.com, and been interviewed on writing by several magazines and blogs including Clarkesworld and USA Today.

Lev has studied with David Young, David Walker, David Hollander, and many people not named David, including Mary LaChapelle, Ernesto Mestre-Reed, Paul Lisicky, Whitney Otto, Arnost Lustig, Brian Morton, Joan Silber, and Dan Chaon. He received his BA from Oberlin College and his MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

Lev is originally from lower Manhattan and now lives in even lower Manhattan, right at the edge. He teaches creative writing, and is hard at work on something new, he promises.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Young Adult Fantasy
New and upcoming books
October 2024

Rough Pages
(Evander Mills, book 3)
Evander Mills
   1. Lavender House (2022)
   2. The Bell in the Fog (2023)
   3. Rough Pages (2024)
   All Men of Genius (2011)
   Depth (2015)
   Woundabout (2015)
   The Memory Wall (2016)
Lev AC Rosen recommends
Home Field Advantage (2022)
Dahlia Adler
"Dahlia Adler's Home Field Advantage will break your heart and then bind it back together with turf tape. Both the swooniest of romances and a heartfelt story navigating the things we're passionate about and the people we're passionate about - and how sometimes what seem like hard choices between the two end up not being a choice at all. This book will make you cheer."
Man o' War (2022)
Cory McCarthy
"This is a book that will pull you through the cold honest water of the closet with laughter and love. McCarthy assembles pain, realization, romance, and joy into a living thing - a man-of-war everyone will be able to see themselves in. Man O' War is the pressure of a deep dive, and then coming up for air. Astoundingly honest and compelling."

2023 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel : Lavender House

Award nominations
2023 Anthony Award for Best Historical Novel (nominee) : Lavender House
2016 Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel (nominee) : Depth

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