R García y Robertson

(Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson)
USA flag (b.1949)

R. Garcia y Robertson taught at UCLA and Villanova before turning to writing. He lives in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Genres: Fantasy
Knight Errant
1. Knight Errant (2001)
2. Lady Robyn (2003)
3. White Rose (2004)
Anthologies containing stories by R García y Robertson
Short stories
Cast on a Distant Shore (1989)
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny (1990)
The Virgin and the Dinosaur [short story] (1992)
Werewolves of Luna (1994)
Gone to Glory (1995)
Fair Verona (1997)
A Princess of Helium (1998)
Starfall (1998)
Forever Free (1999)