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Roger Riccard

Roger Riccard’s family history has Scottish roots, which trace his lineage back to the Roses of Kilravock Castle near the village of Croy in Highland, Scotland. This British Isles ancestry encouraged his interest in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at an early age. He became a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast as a teenager (many, many years ago) and, like all fans of the Great Detective, yearned for more stories after reading the Canon over and over. Having earned Bachelor of Arts Degrees in both Journalism and History from California State University, Northridge. He has combined those interests into writing historical fiction. 

It was the Granada Television performances of Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke, and the encouragement of his wife, Rosilyn, that at last inspired him to write his own Holmes adventures, using the Granada actor portrayals as his guide. He has been called “The best pastiche writer since Val Andrews” by the Sherlockian E-Times.

He currently lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, California USA with his wife, Rosilyn, and their “kids”; Chocolate Labrador Retriever Tootsie Roll, and cats, Bela and Amanda.