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Douglas Stewart

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Born in Scotland, Douglas was brought up in England and became a London based international lawyer, later living in Las Vegas. In tandem, he developed a successful career as an internationally read author of mystery thrillers and non-fiction with a chart-topper and a W H Smith Paperback of the Week to his credit.

He is now writing a series of international mystery thrillers based on Det. Insp. Todd "Ratso" Holtom, a London detective. Ratso also featured in a short story contributed to Capital Crimes, an anthology, which became a number one bestseller.

He is also the author of a series involving a Bristol, England lawyer, Alistair Duncan and now available through Endeavour Press.

His true crime book Terror at Sea was hailed as the benchmark on modern day piracy and crime at sea.
Douglas is a member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) of the USA and the Crime Writers Association (CWA) of the UK.
He is married with three children and is once again living in Europe.

Genres: Mystery
Non fiction