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Kate Sedley

UK flag (b.1926)

aka Brenda Clarke, Brenda Honeyman

The Author Kate Sedley was born in Bristol and educated at the Red Maid's School in Westbury-on-Trym. She is married and has a son and a daughter.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Historical Romance
The Kingmaker (1969) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Brother Bedford (1972) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Good Duke Humphrey (1973) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
King's Minions (1974) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Queen and Mortimer (1974) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Edward the Warrior (1975) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
All the King's Sons (1976) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Golden Griffin (1976) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
At the King's Court (1977) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
The King's Tale (1977) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Macbeth, King of Scots (1977) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Emma, the Queen (1978) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
Glass Island (1978) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Harold of the English (1979) (as by Brenda Honeyman)
The Lofty Banners (1979) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Far Morning (1982) (as by Brenda Clarke)
All Through the Day (1983) (as by Brenda Clarke)
A Rose in May (1984) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Three Women (1985) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Winter Landscape (1986) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Under Heaven (1988) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Equal Chance (1989) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Sisters and Lovers (1990) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Beyond the World (1991) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Riches of the Heart (1991) (as by Brenda Clarke)
A Durable Fire (1993) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Sweet Auburn (1995) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Richard Plantagenet (1997) (as by Brenda Clarke)
Last of the Barons (1998) (as by Brenda Clarke)
A Royal Alliance (1998) (as by Brenda Clarke)
For King and Country (2006)
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Series contributed to
In the Shadow of the Throne (as by Brenda Honeyman)
1. The Warrior King (1967)
     aka Harry the King
5. Richmond and Elizabeth (1970)