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Lemony Snicket

(Daniel Handler)

A pseudonym used by Daniel Handler

Lemony Snicket was born before you were, and is likely to die before you as well. His family has roots in a part of the country which is now underwater, and his childhood was spent in the relative splendor of the Snicket Villa which has since become a factory, a fortress and a pharmacy and is now, alas, someone else's villa.

To the untrained eye, Mr. Snicket's hometown would not appear to be filled with secrets. Untrained eyes have been wrong before. The aftermath of the scandal was swift, brutal and inaccurately reported in the periodicals of the day. It is true, however, that Mr. Snicket was stripped of several awards by the reigning authorities, including Honorable Mention, the Grey Ribbon and First Runner Up. The High Council reached a convenient if questionable verdict and Mr. Snicket found himself in exile.

Though his formal training was chiefly in rhetorical analysis, he has spent the last several eras researching the travails of the Baudelaire orphans. This project, being published serially by HarperCollins, takes him to the scenes of numerous crimes, often during the off-season. Eternally pursued and insatiably inquisitive, a hermit and a nomad, Mr. Snicket wishes you nothing but the best.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Children's Fiction
Lemony Snicket recommends
The New Rules of High School (2003)
Blake Nelson
"Fiercely real and really fierce."
Vampire Island (2007)
(Vampire Island, book 1)
Adele Griffin
"If you are a vampire, or know a vampire - and everyone knows at least one - then you have found the perfect book."
Secrets at Sea (2011)
(Secrets At Sea, book 1)
Richard Peck
"If you don't like books by Richard Peck, there is probably something very wrong with you."
The Magic Misfits (2017)
(Magic Misfits, book 1)
Neil Patrick Harris
"I read this book with excitement, delight, and the increasing suspicion that it was going to make me disappear."
The Ice Cream Machine (2022)
Adam Rubin
"If you do not find this book fascinating, I am sorry to say there is something wrong with you."
Thistlefoot (2022)
GennaRose Nethercott
"I have never found use for the word rollicking until I dove into Thistlefoot. This is a genuinely rollicking adventure. It rollicks very hard. It is skillfully stuffed with startling rollickers. Pick up this book and prepare to be thoroughly, comprehensively, joyfully rollicked."

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