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Marc Stiegler

Marc Stiegler is a science fiction author and software developer. He co-authored Valentina: Soul in Sapphire with Joseph H. Delany. This is the one of the earliest examples of sentient computer software in fiction -- as opposed to mainframe AI's such as HAL and Colossus. He also wrote the short story, "The Gentle Seduction" based on Vinge's ideas about a technological "singularity," the exponential growth of future technology --- that will drastically affect the nature and experience of being a human being.

Anthologies containing stories by Marc Stiegler
Short stories
The Bully and the Crazy Boy (1980)
Petals of Rose (1981)
Evolution of Entropic Error in Closed Conservative Systems (1982)
Too Loving a Touch (1982)
A Simple Case of Suicide (1983)
The Crystal Ball (1984) (with Joseph H Delaney)
The Light in the Looking Glass (1984) (with Joseph H Delaney)
Valentina [short story] (1984) (with Joseph H Delaney)Hugo (nominee)
The Gentle Seduction [short story] (1989)
Masters of the Mortal God (1990)

Hugo Best Novella nominee (1985) : Valentina [short story]
Prometheus Award Best Novel nominee (1989) : David's Sling