Joseph H Delaney

(Joseph Henry Delaney)
USA flag (1932 - 2000)

Joseph Henry Delaney was a US lawyer and science fiction writer. He was first published rather late in life, 1982 when he was nearly fifty, and was most associated with Analog Science Fiction and Fact.
He would go on to be nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novella several times and win readers polls from Analog.
Short stories
Brainchild (1982)Hugo (nominee)
In the Face of My Enemy [short story] (1983)Hugo (nominee)
The New Untouchables (part 1 of 2) (1983)
Star-B-Cue (1983)
Chessmen (1984)
The Crystal Ball (1984) (with Marc Stiegler)
Dragon's Tooth (1984)
The Light in the Looking Glass (1984) (with Marc Stiegler)
The Next Logical Step (1984)
The Shaman (1984)
Thus Began the Death of Dreams (1984)
Valentina [short story] (1984) (with Marc Stiegler)Hugo (nominee)
Painkillers (1985)

Hugo Best Novella nominee (1983) : Brainchild
Hugo Best Novella nominee (1984) : In the Face of My Enemy [short story]
John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (1984) : In the Face of My Enemy
Hugo Best Novella nominee (1985) : Valentina [short story]