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A pseudonym used by Alis A Rasmussen

KATE ELLIOTT is the author of many novels, including BLACK WOLVES, COURT OF FIVES, the Spiritwalker trilogy, the Novels of the Jaran, and the Crossroads trilogy. KING'S DRAGON, the first novel in the Crown of Stars series, was a Nebula Award finalist, and THE GOLDEN KEY (with Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson) was a World Fantasy Award finalist. Kate was born in Iowa, raised in Oregon, and now lives in Hawaii.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy
New Books
January 2023

The Keeper's Six
Anthologies containing stories by Kate Elliott
Short stories
My Voice Is In My Sword (1994)
With God to Guard Her (1995)
A Simple Act of Kindness (1996)
The Gates of Joriun (1997)
Making the World Live Again (1997)

World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1997) : The Golden Key
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1998) : King's Dragon
Andre Norton Award Best Book nominee (2016) : Court of Fives

Kate Elliott recommends
In Legend Born (1998)
(Chronicles of Sirkara, book 1)
Laura Resnick
"It has a rich setting, sharply drawn characters, and a cleverly convoluted plot that doesn't let go. This is the kind of historical fantasy I wish there was more of."
Doppelganger (2006)
(Doppelganger, book 1)
Marie Brennan
"Brennan's debut novel is served up with a dramatic edge. I can't wait for the next adventure!"
A Dark Sacrifice (2007)
(Rune of Unmaking, book 2)
Madeline Howard
"A panoramic tale spun by a master storyteller... I'm ready for the next volume!"
The Queen's Bastard (2008)
(Inheritors' Cycle, book 1)
C E Murphy
"Wow. C. E. Murphy is good. Court intrigue in an alternate Elizabethan-era fantasy world: realpolitik with the sex included."
Jade Man's Skin (2010)
(Moshui, book 2)
Daniel Fox (Chaz Brenchley)
"High-stakes action, well-drawn characters, abd a gorgeously painted landscape. This is the kind of fantasy I love to read."
Stormlord Rising (2010)
(Watergivers, book 2)
Glenda Larke
"Glenda Larke is one of my favourite fantasy writers. I love her novels."
The Summoning (2012)
(Moon Wolf, book 1)
Carol Wolf
"A tightly-written debut novel of a tough, uncompromising heroine whose wolf's view of the world depicts a Los Angeles filled with hidden magic, arcane supernatural threats, and the possibility of deliverance."
The Mirror Empire (2014)
(Worldbreaker Saga, book 1)
Kameron Hurley
"With vividly inventive world building and a fast-paced plot, The Mirror Empireopens a smart, brutal, and ambitious epic fantasy series. Book two is already on my must-read list."
Stories of the Raksura Volume One (2014)
(Stories of the Raksura, book 1)
Martha Wells
"Truly inventive and stunningly imaginative world-building perfectly melded with vivid, engaging characters make the Books of the Raksura one of my all-time favorite science fiction series."
The Witch Hunter (2015)
(Witch Hunter, book 1)
Virginia Boecker
"Crisp writing, a fast pace with bloody action, and the all-important monster rats make this story of a bold but more-vulnerable-than-she-realizes witch hunter a strong fantasy debut."
Sorcerer to the Crown (2015)
(Sorcerer Royal, book 1)
Zen Cho
"A delightful and enchanting novel that uses sly wit and assured style to subvert expectations while it always, unfailingly, entertains. I loved it!"
Nocturnall (2015)
(River of Souls)
Beth Bernobich
"...graceful, moving, and satisfying."
The Star-Touched Queen (2016)
(Star-Touched Queen, book 1)
Roshani Chokshi
"Gorgeously poetic writing gives vibrant, sensuous life to the worlds of THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN."
River of Teeth (2017)
(River of Teeth, book 1)
Sarah Gailey
"Blisteringly imaginative, and written with a sly, sharp wit."
Playing to the Gods (2017)
(Glass Thorns, book 5)
Melanie Rawn
"A masterful blend of plot, characters and setting makes reading seem effortless in this tale of four young men devoted to the magical theater of their world. Rawn's skill as a writer brings you right onto the stage with them."
The Black Tides of Heaven (2017)
(Tensorate, book 1)
Neon Yang
"I love JY Yang's effortlessly fascinating world-building."
A Line in the Dark (2017)
Malinda Lo
"A beautifully written and compellingly well-observed psychological thriller."
Under the Pendulum Sun (2017)
(Fae , book 1)
Jeannette Ng
"Under the Pendulum Sun is a weird, ingenious, and ravishing story of the Fae and the outsiders driven to discover their secrets, told with a heady melange of disturbing beauty and enticing dangers."
Jade City (2017)
(Green Bone Saga, book 1)
Fonda Lee
"Dynamic fight scenes and vibrant world-building bring to life this sharp, memorable story of a family caught up in a ferocious gang war."
The Queens of Innis Lear (2018)
(Queens of Innis Lear, book 1)
Tessa Gratton
"I adore this - rich, epic, blood-soaked - a glorious and grand sweeping fantasy."
Dread Nation (2018)
(Dread Nation, book 1)
Justina Ireland
"This is the zombie novel I’ve been waiting for my whole life."
From Unseen Fire (2018)
(Aven Cycle, book 1)
Cass Morris
"Rome with magic' turns out to be exactly the novel I wanted to read. The magic cleverly intertwines with religion, politics, and daily life. The characters appeal, especially the loving portrait of three loyal sisters. There are battles (of course), a budding love story of the illicit kind, some remarkably topical political maneuvering, an awareness of diverse layers of class and ethnicity, and a love of place that shines on the page."
Trail of Lightning (2018)
(Sixth World, book 1)
Rebecca Roanhorse
"[C]rafts a powerful and fiercely personal journey through a compelling postapocalyptic landscape."
City of Lies (2018)
(Poison Wars, book 1)
Sam Hawke
"Sibling protagonists anchor this twisty story of old grievances coming to a boil. Hawke writes with nuance about the loves, loyalties, ambitions, and resentments that bind her characters together and threaten to tear them apart."
Grace and Fury (2018)
(Grace and Fury, book 1)
Tracy Banghart
"Two sisters fight for freedom in a fantasy novel with a blisteringly fast pace and a cathartic ending."
Like Never and Always (2018)
Ann Aguirre
"An intense, emotional, compelling read."
The Final Course (2018)
(Sin du Jour Affair)
Matt Wallace
"Crass, funny, gross, and sweet."
In the Vanishers' Palace (2018)
Aliette de Bodard
"Another stellar offering by Bodard. Her signature intensity is on display in this tale of people (and dragons) struggling to survive in the ruins of an alien conquest. Emotionally complex relationships interweave with richly drawn and deftly nuanced world-building."
The Haunting of Tram Car 015 (2019)
(Dead Djinn Universe)
P Djèlí Clark
"Utterly delightful, with a sly wit and a deep and satisfying take on alternate history."
Sword of Fire (2019)
(Deverry 2, book 1)
Katharine Kerr
"Kerr's Deverry novels are my favorite of the post-Tolkien modern fantasy novels. The landscape is utterly real, and the story is gritty, emotional, complex, and original in execution and setting. This is one tale that truly needs to be told in multiple volumes."
The Fruit (2019)
(Wrath & Athenaeum, book 3)
Na'amen Gobert Tilahun
"n intense, emotional ride that combines libraries, monsters, fallen angels, magical powers, and secret societies fighting an ancient war. This is catnip for my reading soul."
Brightfall (2019)
Jaime Lee Moyer
"Immensely satisfying read with its unexpected and unique twist."
The Throne of the Five Winds (2019)
(Hostage of Empire, book 1)
S C Emmett
"Brimful of thrilling palace drama and menacing court intrigue."
Queen of the Conquered (2019)
(Islands of Blood and Storm, book 1)
Kacen Callender
"An ambitious, courageous, and unflinching novel that uncovers the rotten core of our colonial heritage and yet also celebrates the fierce resistance and heroic endurance of the most abused and exploited."
The Vanished Birds (2020)
Simon Jimenez
"The future world-building is rich and smart, the prose assured, and the story both intensely personal and a blistering commentary on capitalism and colonialism. . . . Highly recommended."
The Four Profound Weaves (2020)
(Birdverse, book 1)
R B Lemberg
"I am staggered by the richness and intricacy of R. B. Lemberg’s imagination. The Four Profound Weaves is an intense and emotional story of a journey of change, growth, and courage."
The Midnight Bargain (2020)
C L Polk
"A rich banquet of a novel with vivid details, smart dialogue, and a cleverly unfolding examination of what it means to be denied the destiny you know you are meant for—and how to fight for change."
The City Inside (2022)
Samit Basu
"The City Inside is one of the most horrifyingly plausible near futures I have ever read. It's also funny, relatable, supremely clever, and deeply political. Highly recommended."
The Speaking Bones (2022)
(Dandelion Dynasty, book 4)
Ken Liu
"Rich in detail, packed with action and inventive in its blending of epic traditions."

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