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Richard Montanari

USA flag (b.1952)

Richard Montanari is the Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author of Rosary Girls and Skin Gods, as well as the internationally acclaimed thrillers Kiss of Evil, Deviant Ways, The Violet Hour and The Devil's Garden. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Genres: Mystery
Jack Paris
1. Deviant Way (1995)
     aka Don't Look Now
2. Kiss of Evil (2001)
Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne
1. The Rosary Girls (2005)
2. The Skin Gods (2006)
3. Broken Angels (2007)
     aka Merciless
4. Play Dead (2008)
     aka Badlands
5. The Echo Man (2011)
6. The Killing Room (2012)
7. The Stolen Ones (2013)
8. The Doll Maker (2014)
9. Shutter Man (2015)
Four Novels of Suspense (omnibus) (2011)
A Christmas Killing (2014)