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Bryan Washington has written for The New Yorker, The New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, BuzzFeed, Vulture, The Paris Review, Tin House, One Story, Bon Appétit, MUNCHIES, American Short Fiction, GQ, FADER, The Awl, and Catapult. He lives in Houston.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Memorial (2020)
   Lot (2019)
Bryan Washington recommends
New Waves (2020)
Kevin Nguyen
"New Waves is a delight and a gamble and a treasure and a miracle. Nguyen's novel broke my heart. It made me laugh harder than any book reasonably should. It's everything I could possibly want in a story--but it's also that rarest, most unachievable of things: New Waves is truly something new."
Pizza Girl (2020)
Jean Kyoung Frazier
"Pizza Girl is luminous, brooding, and, frankly, awe-inspiring. It's a joy to spend time in Frazier's world, an experience that only illuminates our own. The novel that teaches you something about yourself is a rare thing, and Frazier has given us a gift."
Nights When Nothing Happened (2020)
Simon Han
"Absolutely luminous. Han weaves the transience of suburbia between the highs and lows of a family saga, illustrating what a parent owes a child, what a child owes their parents, and what simply cannot be repaid. His novel shocks, awes, and delights."

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