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K-Ming Chang

Genres: Literary Fiction
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May 2024

   Bestiary (2020)
   Organ Meats (2023)
   Gods of Want (2022)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Bone House (2024)
   Cecilia (2024)
K-Ming Chang recommends
Nuclear Family (2022)
Joseph Han
"Joseph Han's Nuclear Family is a moving exploration of the losses we inherit, the continual violence of borders, and the embodiedness of history. He shows us that what is so powerful and resurrective about mythmaking is not that it provides an escape from our world but that it allows us to see the deeper truths of it, to give agency to the buried, and to shape possibility across space and time and generations. Han writes with incredible empathy for the living and the dead, subverting borders of all kinds to illuminate intergenerational dynamics, labor, and the living marrow of memory."
Little Foxes Took Up Matches (2022)
Katya Kazbek
"Katya Kazbek's Little Foxes Took Up Matches is a stunning and transformative novel that shows us the playful possibility and subversive quality of queer myth-making. With humor, heart, and expansiveness, Kazbek forges a new language to belong inside and reinvents storytelling. This book will swallow you and shelter you. It's pure magic and will rearrange you from the inside-out."
Manywhere (2022)
Morgan Thomas
"Manywhere is a kaleidoscopic collection that imagines queer pasts, presents, and futures with empathy, transformative language, and brilliant craft. Each story contains an expansive sense of history, place, and possibility. Morgan Thomas' innovative storytelling creates queer lineages and a stunning plurality of voices, showing us that a collection can also be a community."

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The Best Short Stories 2023 (2023)
(O. Henry Prize Stories)
edited by
Lauren Groff

Award nominations
2021 Otherwise Award for Best Book (nominee) : Bestiary

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