Louis Tracy's picture

Louis Tracy

UK flag (1863 - 1928)

aka Robert Fraser, Gordon Holmes

Louis Tracy was a British journalist, and prolific writer of fiction. He used the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser, which were at times shared with M.P. Shiel, a collaborator from the start of the twentieth century.

Around 1884 he became a reporter for a local paper - 'The Northern Echo' at Darlington, circulating in parts of Durham and North Yorkshire; later he worked for papers in Cardiff and Allahabad.

During 1892-1894 he was closely associated with Arthur Harmsworth, in 'The Sun' and 'The Evening News and Post'.

Genres: Mystery
   An American Emperor (1897)
   The Lost Provinces (1898)
   The Final War (1899)
   Princess Kate (1903)
     aka At the Court of the Maharaja
   The Wings of the Morning (1903)
   The King of Diamonds (1904)
   The Pillar of Light (1904)
   The Great Mogul (1905)
   A Mysterious Disappearance (1905)
   The Sirdar's Sabre (1905)
   Karl Grier (1906)
   The Late Tenant (1906)
   The Captain of the Kansas (1907)
   Minkie (1907)
   The Red Year (1907)
   Three Men and a Maid (1907) (as by Robert Fraser)
   The Wheel O' Fortune (1907)
   The Message (1908)
   By Force Of Circumstances (1909)
   A Son of the Immortals (1909)
   The Stowaway Girl (1909)
   Cynthia's Chauffeur (1910)
   The Stowaway (1910)
   The Fire Opal (1911) (as by Robert Fraser)
   The House of Silence (1911)
   The Silent Barrier (1911)
   The Mind the Paint Girl (1912)
   Mirabel's Island (1912)
   No Other Way (1912)
   One Wonderful Night (1912)
   The House Round the Corner (1914)
   The Terms of Surrender (1914)
   Flower of the Gorse (1915)
   His Unknown Wife (1915)
   The Day of Wrath (1916)
   The Revellers (1917)
   The House of Peril (1922)
     aka The Park Lane Mystery
   The Black Cat (1925)
   The Gleave Mystery (1926)
   The Law of the Talon (1926)
   The Third Miracle (1927)
     aka The Lastingham Murder
   The Woman in the Case (1927)
   The One Girl in a Million (1928)
     aka The Manning-Burke Murder
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