Moray Dalton

(Katharine Renoir)
UK flag (1881 - 1963)

Katherine Dalton Renoir ('Moray Dalton') was born in Hammersmith, London in 1881, the only child of a Canadian father and English mother. The author wrote two well-received early novels, Olive in Italy (1909), and The Sword of Love (1920). However, her career in crime fiction did not begin until 1924, after which Moray Dalton published twenty-nine mysteries, the last in 1951. The majority of these feature her recurring sleuths, Scotland Yard inspector Hugh Collier and private inquiry agent Hermann Glide. Moray Dalton married Louis Jean Renoir in 1921, and the couple had a son a year later. The author lived on the south coast of England for the majority of her life following the marriage. She died in Worthing, West Sussex, in 1963.

Genres: Mystery
   The Kingsclere Mystery (1924)
   The Shadow On the Wall (1926)
   The Black Wings (1927)
   The Stretton Darknesse Mystery (1927)
   The Body in the Road (1930)
   Death in the Cup (1932)
   The Wife of Baal (1932)
   The Black Death (1934)
   The Edge of Doom (1934)
   The Case of Alan Copeland (1937)
   The Price Of Silence (1939)
   The Art School Murders (1943)
   The Murder of Eve (1945)
   Death At the Villa (1946)
   The House of Fear (1951)
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