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Jean Ure

UK (1943 - )

Jean Ure was born in Surrey, and when growing up, knew that she was going to be a writer but she also wanted to be a ballet dancer.

She wrote her first novel when she was six years old which was about a little girl called Carol. Jean spent her teenage years writing and had her first book published when she was just sixteen - an event that prompted her to leave school the following year to continue writing. However she spent the next several years 'scrubbing floors, waiting at tables, selling groceries'. Jean also worked as a nurse and at the BBC before enrolling at the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where she met her husband. She worked for several years in Paris as a translator for DATO and UNESCO and wrote romantic novels.

Jean is a vegan and animal lover. She lives with her husband, seven dogs and two cats in a 300 year old house in Croydon.

1. Plague 99 (1989)
     aka Plague
2. Come Lucky April (1992)
     aka After the Plague
3. The Watchers at the Shrine (1994)

Dancing Dreams
1. Star Turn (1993)
2. A Dream Come True (1994)
3. Fandango! (1995)




Frankie Foster
1. Fizzypop! (2011)
2. Pick 'n' Mix (2011)
3. Freaks Out! (2012)
Dance Trilogy
1. Born to Dance (2017)
Dance for Two (1960)
The Other Theatre (1965)
The Text of Love (1968)
If You Speak Love (1972)
The Farther Off from England (1973)
Daybreak (1974)
All Thy Love (1975)
Marriage of True Minds (1975)
Hear No Evil (1976)
Had We But World Enough and Time (1976)
No Precious Time (1976)
All in a Summer Season (1977)
Early Stages (1977)
Bid Time Return (1978)
Dress Rehearsal (1978)
Curtain Fall (1978)
Masquerade (1979)
A Girl Like That (1979)
See You Thursday (1981)
A Proper Little Nooryeff (1982)
If It Weren't for Sebastian (1982)
Test of Love (1983)
Hi There, Supermouse! (1983)
You Win Some, You Lose Some (1984)
What If They Saw Me Now? (1984)
You Two (1984)
Megastar (1985)
After Thursday (1985)
Nicola Mimosa (1985)
The Other Side of the Fence (1986)
The Most Important Thing (1986)
Brenda the Bold (1986)
A Bottled Cherry Angel (1986)
Swings and Roundabouts (1986)
One Green Leaf (1987)
Tea-Leaf On the Roof (1987)
Who's Talking? (1987)
War with Old Mouldy (1987)
Trouble with Vanessa (1988)
Soppy Birthday (1988)
Frankie's Dad (1988)
Supermouse (1988)
A Muddy Kind of Magic (1988)
Two Men in a Boat (1988)
There's Always Dannie (1989)
Say Goodbye (1989)
Tomorrow Is Also a Day (1989)
Play Nimrod for Him (1990)
Cool Simon (1990)
Spooky Cottage (1991)
Dreaming of Larry (1991)
William in Love (1992)
The Unknown Planet (1992)
A Place to Scream (1992)
Seven for a Secret (1993)
Always Sebastian (1993)
The Ghost That Lived on the Hill (1993)
The Phantom Knicker Nicker (1993)
Captain Cranko and the Crybaby (1993)
The Children Next Door (1994)
Howzat, Gordon! (1994)
Horrible Baby (1994)
Jug Ears (1994)
Poupette (1994)
Faces at the Window (1994)
Night Fright (1994)
Who Says Animals Don't Have Rights? (1995)
Help! It's Harriet (1995)
Dance with Death (1995)
Trapped (1995)
Has Anyone Seen This Girl? (1996)
Harriet Strikes Again! (1996)
Whatever Happened to Katy-Jane? (1996)
The Girl in the Blue Tunic (1997)
Love Is for Ever (1997)
Whistle and I'll Come (1997)
Danny Dynamite (1998)
The Puppy Present (1998)
Big Head (1999)
Just Sixteen (1999)
Big Tom (2000)
A Twist in Time (2000)
Monster in the Mirror (2000)
Boys on the Brain (2001)
Get a Life (2001)
Daisy May (2002)
Dazzling Danny (2003)
Bad Alice (2003)
Family Fan Club (2004)
Is Anybody There? (2004)
Sugar and Spice (2005)
Over the Moon (2006)
Gone Missing (2007)
Hunky Dory (2007)
Star Crazy Me! (2008)
Fortune Cookie (2009)
Love and Kisses (2009)
Ice Lolly (2010)
Galaxy Patrol (2010)
Bug-Eyed Monsters (2012)
Lemonade Sky (2012)
Bring out Your Dead (2012)
Just Peachy (2013)
Kissing Game (2014)
Jelly Baby (2014)
Secrets and Dreams (2015)
Strawberry Crush (2016)


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