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Scotland (1940 - 2021)

Jack Whyte was born and raised in Scotland, and educated in England and France. He migrated to Canada from the UK, in 1967, as a teacher of High School English, but he only taught for a year before starting to work as a professional singer, musician, actor and entertainer. In the early 1970s, Whyte researched, wrote, directed and appeared in a one man show based on the life and times of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet.
Whyte's interest in the history of Britain springs from his early Classical education in Scotland during the 1950s, and he pursued his fascination with those times ever since.

Genres: Fantasy, Historical
Camulod / Legends of Camelot
   0.5. The Burning Stone (2018)
   1. The Skystone (1992)

     aka War of the Celts

   2. The Singing Sword (1993)

     aka The Round Table

   3. The Eagles' Brood (1994)

     aka Merlyn

   4. The Saxon Shore (1995)

     aka Excalibur

   5. The Fort at River's Bend (1999)

     aka The Boy King

   6. Metamorphosis (1997)

     aka The Sorcerer

   7. Uther (2000)

     aka Pendragon

   8. The Lance Thrower (2002)
     aka Clothar the Frank / Lancelot
   9. The Eagle (2005)

     aka The Last Stand

Bravehearts Chronicles
   1. Rebel (2010)
     aka The Forest Laird
   2. Resistance (2012)
     aka Robert the Bruce / The Renegade
   3. Uprising (2014)
     aka The Guardian
   Yesterday's Battles (2020)
Non fiction show

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