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Jeanne Willis

Jeanne Willis wrote her first book when she was five years old and hasn't stopped writing since. She has now written over eighty titles, including picture books, novels and television scripts. She has also won numerous awards, including the Children's Book Award, The Sheffield Children's Book Award and the Silver Smarties Prize. Her teen novel, Naked Without a Flat, was shortlisted for the Whitbread Award in 2004. She writes with her pet rat keeping her company and often takes inspiration from dreams and interesting conversations with strangers.

Genres: Children's Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy





1. Supercat vs The Chip Thief (2014)
     aka Supercat vs The Fry Thief
2. Supercat vs the Party Pooper (2014)
3. Supercat vs the Pesky Pirate (2015)
Sticky Ends (2011) (with Tony Ross)
The Best Bear in All the World (2016) (with Paul Bright, Kate Saunders and Brian Sibley)

Picture Books
The Tale of Georgie Grub (1981)
The Tale of Fearsome Fritz (1982)
The Tale of Mucky Mabel (1984)
The Monster Bed (1986)
The Long Blue Blazer (1987)
Toffee Pockets (1992)
In Search of the Hidden Giant (1993)
Relativity As Explained by Professor Xargle (1994)
The Rascally Cake (1994)
Pattern and Rhyme Stories (1994)
Earthlets As Explained by Professor Xargle (1994)
The Monster Storm (1995)
The Princess and the Parlourmaid (1995)
Tom's Lady of the Lamp (1995)
Wilbur and Orville Take Off (1995)
The Pet Person (1996)
The Pink Hare (1996)
What Do You Want to Be, Brian? (1996)
Sloth's Shoes (1997)
The Wind in the Wallows (1998)
The Boy Who Lost His Belly Button (1999)
Tinkerbill (1999)
Susan Laughs (1999)
What Did I Look Like When I Was a Baby? (2000)
What Was It Like When I Was a Baby? (2000)
Do Little Mermaids Wet Their Beds? (2000)
I Want to Be a Cowgirl (2001)
The Boy Who Was Brought Up By Teddy Bears (2001)
Manky Monkey (2002)
The Boy Who Thought He Was a Teddy Bear (2002)
My Best Ever Sleepover Party Kit (2002)
New Shoes (2002)
Don't Let Go (2002)
Tadpole's Promise (2003)
When Stephanie Smiled (2003)
I Hate School (2003)
Misery Moo (2003)
The Magic Potty Show with Trubble and Trixie (2004)
Shhhhh! (2004)
Operation Itchy (2004)
Never Too Little to Love (2004)
Dozy Mare (2005)
Killer Gorilla (2005)
Secret Fairy Talent Show (2005)
Really Rude Rhino (2005)
Gorilla! Gorilla! (2006)
Mayfly Day (2006)
Who's in the Loo? (2006)
Daft Bat (2006)
Delilah Darling Is in the Library (2006)
Dear Father Christmas (2006)
Grill Pan Eddy (2007)
Little Big Mouth (2007)
Who's in the Bathroom? (2007)
Delilah D. at the Library (2007)
Princess Candytuft (2007)
Cottonwool Colin (2007)
Delilah Darling Is in the Classroom (2007)
Cottonball Colin (2008)
Mammoth Pie (2008)
Mummy, Do You Love Me? (2008)
There's an Ouch in my Pouch! (2008)
The Bog Baby (2008)
Delilah Darling Is on the Stage (2008)
Mine's Bigger Than Yours! (2008)
Old Dog (2008)
Bottoms Up! (2009)
Flabby Cat and Slobby Dog (2009)
Delilah Darling is at the Zoo (2009)
Big Bad Bun (2009)
The King of Tiny Things (2010)
Caterpillar Dreams (2010)
The Nanny Goat's Kid (2010)
That's Not Funny! (2010)
Sing a Song of Bottoms (2010)
Beetle Cookies (2010)
A Little Green Monster (2010)
Mole's Sunrise (2011)
Stomp (2011)
I'm Sure I Saw a Dinosaur (2011)
Butterfly Pie (2011)
The Runaway Train (2011)
Sid and the Boxer Pup (2011)
We're Going to a Party! (2011)
Wild Child (2012)
Fly, Chick, Fly! (2012)
The Wheels on the Bus (2012)
Hippospotamus (2012)
Prince Charmless (2013)
Monkey Found a Baby (2013)
Upside Down Babies (2013)
Boa's Bad Birthday (2014)
Emily Peppermint's Toy School (2014)
Chicken Clicking (2014) (with Tony Ross)
Elephants Can't Jump! (2015)
     aka Ready, Steady, Jump!
The First Slodge (2015)
The Cow Tripped over the Moon (2015)
Slug Needs a Hug (2015)
Poles Apart (2015)
Lottie Potter Wants an Otter (2016)
Lucinda Belinda Melinda Mccool (2016)
There's No Such Thing as a Snappenpoop (2016)
I'm Running Away (2016)
Troll Stinks! (2016)
I'm in Charge! (2017)
Dinosaur Roar! The Tyrannosaurus Rex (2017)
Tell Me a Story Rory (2017)


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