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Antoine Vanner has survived military coups, a guerrilla war, storms at sea and life in mangrove swamps, tropical forest, offshore oil-platforms and the boardroom. He has lived and worked long-term in eight countries, has travelled widely in all continents except Antarctica and is fluent in three languages. He has a passion for nineteenth-century political and military history and has a deep understanding of what was the cutting-edge technology of the time. His knowledge of human nature and his first-hand experience of the locales – often surprising – of the most important conflicts of the period provide the impetus for his chronicling of the life of the Royal Navy officer Nicholas Dawlish. “I’m fascinated by the Victorian period,” Vanner says, “for not only was it one of colonial expansion and of Great Power rivalry that often came to the brink of war, but it was also one of unprecedented social, political, technological and scientific change. Britain’s power may have been at an apogee but it was under constant threat and would demand constant adaptation from those who aspired to shape events.

Many born in the 1840s would not only play significant roles in the later decades of the century but be key players in the maelstrom that would engulf the world in 1914. The Dawlish Chronicles are set in that world of change, uncertainty and risk and they involve projection of naval power to meet complex social, political and diplomatic challenges.” Find out more on


Genres: Historical
Dawlish Chronicles
   1. Britannia's Wolf (2013)
   2. Britannia's Reach (2014)
   3. Britannia's Shark (2014)
   4. Britannia's Spartan (2015)
   5. Britannia's Amazon (2016)
   6. Britannia's Gamble (2017)
   7. Britannia's Mission (2018)
   8. Britannia's Innocent (2019)
   9. Britannia's Morass (2020)
   10. Britannia's Guile (2021)
   11. Britannia's Rule (2022)
   12. Britannia's Interests (2023)
   Tales of Empire (2022) (with others)

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