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Lucy is a journalist, writing and editing for the likes of Grazia, heat, Cosmo, Stylist, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Look, The Mirror, The Sun, and The Telegraph. She also writes a weekly newsy column for Grazia Daily and can be found on Twitter trying really hard not to go on too much about feminism and Donald Trump.

Lucy lives in London, where she moved from Cambridgeshire aged 18 to study English Literature and Language at King’s College London. She started working in magazines in 2005, and now writes for cold, hard cash to keep her ten nieces and nephews in Peppa Pig merch.
Lucy Vine recommends
Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling (2017)
(Aisling, book 1)
Sarah Breen and Emer McLysaght
"The funniest, warmest, loveliest book I've read in so long. I laughed non-stop and genuinely didn't want it to end."
How Do You Like Me Now? (2018)
Holly Bourne
"I haven't been this obsessed with a book in years."
Just My Type (2019)
Hannah Doyle
"I am officially a fan-girl."
Through the Wall (2019)
Caroline Corcoran
"SO EXCELLENT…creepy, compelling and genuinely unputdownable."
Love Songs for Sceptics (2019)
Christina Pishiris
"Brilliantly written, Love Songs for Sceptics is warm, engaging and so funny. I am officially a huge fan and can't wait for more from Christina."
The Minute I Saw You (2020)
Paige Toon
"Hilarious, compelling, sexy and warm, with characters so vivid you actually miss them when it's over... Highly recommended."
Insatiable (2021)
Daisy Buchanan
"I devoured this book in a day - hissing furiously at anyone who dared interrupt - and now can't stop talking about it. Insatiable is an absolute triumph; so beautifully written and compelling, I couldn't put it down. Daisy brings characters to life like no other writer, pumping them full of humour, vulnerability and sexy sexy sex. I cried and laughed and did some other stuff I'm not going to tell you about. But I will tell you to buy several copies, because your first will probably fall apart from re-reads."
The Man I Didn't Marry (2021)
Anna Bell
"This is Anna Bell's best book yet, and – given how much I've always loved her writing – that's saying a lot. It has all of Anna's unique trademark wit, warmth and wisdom, while also being an incredibly compelling and brilliant story. I fell in love with Ellie, and I know you will, too."
The Couple (2021)
Helly Acton
"Only Helly Acton could turn the world on its head and still write the most relatable novel in human history. The Couple is so good, I don't have words to define the goodness. It's funny and clever and the concept is one I'm angry I didn't think of. I raced through it in a day, loving every line and every page. I can't recommend it highly enough."
The Lock In (2021)
Phoebe Luckhurst
"Funny and compelling from page one and so well written. Such a brilliant premise and really well executed. Officially a huge fan of Phoebe Luckhurst!"
Perfect on Paper (2021)
Gillian Harvey
"Heartwarming, funny and completely relatable, I couldn't put it down!"
The Lucky Escape (2021)
Laura Jane Williams
"Laura Jane Williams’ writing has such a power to make you laugh and cry like no other."
Is This It? (2021)
Hannah Tovey
"Incredibly relatable, so horribly funny and clever, and just so good in all kinds of ways. I'm telling everyone I know to preorder!"
Jane Is Trying (2021)
Isy Suttie
"I was already a huge fan of Isy Suttie and can confirm I'm now at the raging, crying, teenager-obsessed-with-Harry-Styles level. Jane Is Trying is absolute genius; so clever and funny. I laughed and cried constantly and couldn't put it down. Everyone should read it."
The Fake-Up (2022)
Justin Myers
"Riotously funny and ridiculously clever. Justin somehow manages to make you snort with laughter and move you to tears within a few pages - I don't know how he does it. It's a brilliant story and compelling AF. The Fake-Up absolutely cements Justin as one of my fave writers."
The No-Show (2022)
Beth O'Leary
"A truly brilliant book."
Idol (2022)
Louise O'Neill
"I'm completely in awe of what Louise O'Neill has done with this brilliant and riveting book. Idol is absolutely astonishing. It's one of those rare novels you desperately want to eke out - to make it last forever - but then can't help yourself rushing through, staying up all night to finish. It's so well-written and pacy, I was literally breathless for the last 100 pages."

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