John Keir Cross

UK flag (1911 - 1967)

aka Stephen MacFarlane

Genres: Science Fiction
   Detectives In Greasepaint (1944)
   Lucy Maroon, The Car That Loved a Policeman (1944) (as by Stephen MacFarlane)
   The Strange Tale Of Sally and Arnold (1944)
   The Angry Planet (1945)
   The Owl and the Pussycat (1946)
     aka The Other Side of Green Hills
   The Story Of A Tree (1946) (with R A Brandt)
   The White Magic (1946)
   The Flying Fortunes in an Encounter With Rubberface (1952)
     aka The Stolen Sphere
   SOS From Mars (1954)
     aka The Red Journey Back
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   Mr Bosanko (1944) (as by Stephen MacFarlane)
   The Other Passenger (1944)
     aka Stories from the Other Passenger
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Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by John Keir Cross
Short stories
'Happy Birthday, Dear Alex'
Esmeralda (1944)
The Glass Eye (1944)
Hands (1944)
The Other Passenger [short story] (1946)