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Charlie Williams

UK flag (b.1971)

Charlie Williams wrote the books DEADFOLK, FAGS AND LAGER and KING OF THE ROAD. He lives in the Worcester area with his wife and two kids. He went to Swansea Uni, where he didn't do very well, and Kent Uni where he tried slightly harder. Thank God for second chances. His favourite authors are Jim Thompson, Charles Willeford, Magnus Mills and Thomas Hardy. He draws inspiration from the Malvern Hills, the behaviour of cats, the behaviour of drunk people and boxing (watching, not doing). He is distantly related to Laurie Lee, the late author of CIDER WITH ROSIE among other titles. (Not that this means much, but it could be pointed out that they both have alcoholic beverages in their titles.) As well as novels he writes short stories, screenplays and comics.

Genres: Mystery
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Crimewave 10 (2008) (with Simon Avery, Andy Cox Editor, Daniel Kaysen, Joel Lane, Lisa Morton, Kay Sexton, Murray Shelmerdine, Darren Speegle and Steve Rasnic Tem)
Your Place is in the Shadows (2013)