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Charlotte Hughes is an American author of a number of acclaimed romance and comedy novels who lives in South Carolina.Hughes, the New York Times best selling author, has written almost 40 books. These award winning books run the gamut from romance to mystery, as well as humor, horror and suspense. She was one of the first category romance writers to secure a top-50 ranking on USA Today's list. A two-time recipient of the Maggie Award, she has also won the Talisman Award for best short story writer.

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Max Holt (with Janet Evanovich)
   1. Full House (2002)
   2. Full Tilt (2003)
   3. Full Speed (2003)
   4. Full Blast (2004)
   5. Full Bloom (2005)
   6. Full Scoop (2006)
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