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Valentine Williams

UK flag (1883 - 1946)

aka Douglas Valentine

Valentine Williams was a journalist and writer of popular fiction.Williams was born in 1883. He was the eldest son of the chief editor at Reuters; both his brother and an uncle were also journalists.

Genres: Mystery
Dr. Adolph Grundt
   1. The Man with the Club Foot (1918)
   2. The Return of Clubfoot (1923)
     aka Island Gold
   3. Clubfoot the Avenger (1924)
   4. The Crouching Beast (1928)
   5. The Gold Comfit Box (1932)
     aka Mystery of the Gold Box Secret
   6. The Spider's Touch (1936)
   7. Courier to Marrakesh (1944)
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Secret Service
   Mannequin (1930)
     aka The Mysterious Miss Morrisot
   The Fox Prowls (1939)
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Horace B. Treadgold
   1. Dead Man Manor (1936)
   2. The Curiosity of Mr. Treadgold (1937)
     aka Mr Threadgold Cuts In
   3. Skeleton Out of the Cupboard (1946)
   The Man With The Clubfoot (1918) (as by Douglas Valentine)
   The Secret Hand (1919) (as by Douglas Valentine)
     aka Okewood of the Secret Service
   The Three Of Clubs (1924)
   The Red Mass (1925)
   The Key Man (1926)
     aka The Pigeon House
   Mr. Ramosi (1926)
   The Knife Behind the Curtain (1930)
   Fog (1933) (with Dorothy Rice Sims)
   The Portculis Room (1934)
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