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Aimie K. Runyan, member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Women's Fiction Writers Association, has been an avid student of French and Francophone Studies for more than fifteen years. While working on her Master's thesis on the brave women who helped found French Canada, she was fortunate enough to win a generous grant from the Quebec government to study onsite for three months which enabled the detailed research necessary for her work. Aimie lives in Colorado with her husband and two children.

Genres: Historical
Aimie K Runyan recommends
White Rose, Black Forest (2018)
Eoin Dempsey
"There is much to praise in Eoin Dempsey’s White Rose, Black Forest, but for me it stands out from the glut of war fiction because of its poetic simplicity. The novel does not span a massive cast of characters, various continents, and the entire duration of the conflict. It is the tale of one young man, one young woman, and the courage to change the tide of a war. Emotional, taut, and deftly drawn, White Rose, Black Forest is a stunning tale of bravery, compassion, and love."
Yellow Wife (2021)
Sadeqa Johnson
"Yellow Wife is a heartbreaking stunner of a book. Johnson deftly creates a cast of characters based on real historical figures and events that transport the reader to the horrors of the slave trade of the pre-war South. Exquisitely researched and richly crafted. I was utterly riveted."
The Next Ship Home (2022)
Heather Webb
"The Next Ship Home is one of the rare stories that will nestle itself in your soul and make a home there. Heather Webb creates two remarkable, endearing heroines that you will root for from beginning to end. Her depiction of Ellis Island and turn-of-the-century New York is lush with meticulously researched detail. But most striking, Webb tackles the thorny and complex issues of immigration and workers' rights with sensitivity and grace. Her message is compassionate and timely, and I was blown away by how deftly Webb weaves it through Alma and Francesca's stories. The Next Ship Home deserves a place as one of the great books of the American Experience."
The Wedding Veil (2022)
Kristy Woodson Harvey
"Kristy Woodson Harvey's entree into historical fiction is breathtakingly charming. She skillfully blends narratives from Edith and Cornelia Vanderbilt and their struggles in the years after the passing of their beloved husband and father, George Vanderbilt together with modern-day narratives of Babs and Julia Baxter, a grandmother and granddaughter on the precipice of major life changes. While Harvey has been a major player in contemporary women's fiction for a number of years, her historical voice, her research, and her elegant prose earn her a place of respect in this new genre as well. A beautifully told story that is sure to be one of the year's best."
Girls of Flight City (2022)
Lorraine Heath
"In Girls of Flight City, Lorraine Heath delivers a touching tale of the WWII home front. The story of the women who trained RAF pilots in Texas before the US entry into the war shows the sacrifice and dedication of the brave women called to serve their cause. With vibrant characters and gripping action sequences, Girls of Flight City is a sure to be a favorite with fans of WWII fiction. A well-researched pleasure to read."

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