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Lauren Willig is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance novels. Her books follow a collection of Napoleonic-Era British spies, similar to the Scarlet Pimpernel as they fight for Britain and fall in love. A native of New York City, Willig discovered romance novels when she was only six years old, while she was attempting to find books about her idol, Eleanor of Acquitaine.

Willig attended Yale University, where she majored in Renaissance Studies and Political Science, then studied graduate level early modern European history at Harvard University before entering and graduating from Harvard Law School. Willig briefly worked for Cravath, Swaine & Moore, a law firm in New York, while authoring her "Pink Carnation" series of books, until she gave up law in order to focus full time on the series.

Genres: Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Mystery
New Books
Lauren Willig recommends
Beneath a Silent Moon (2003)
(Rannoch Fraser Mystery, book 7)
Tracy Grant
"Plot twists, complex characters, and an exquisitely researched historical setting - who could ask for anything more?"
In for a Penny (2010)
Rose Lerner
"Georgette Heyer watch out! Rose Lerner serves up a sprightly and splendid Regency romance."
For the King (2010)
Catherine Delors
"A breathtaking chase through the dark alleys of Napoleon's Paris. Delors crafts a riveting historical thriller."
Out of the Shadows (2010)
Joanne Rendell
"From Mary Shelley's England to the halls of modern academia, Out of the Shadows offers a fascinating look into the infinite possibilities of the human heart."
Vienna Waltz (2011)
(Rannoch Fraser Mystery, book 3)
Teresa Grant (Tracy Grant)
"Glittering balls, deadly intrigue, sexual scandals... the next best thing to actually being there!"
Across a Star-Swept Sea (2013)
(For Darkness Shows the Stars, book 2)
Diana Peterfreund
"An imaginative and energetic retelling of The Scarlet Pimpernel-sheer fun!"
The Jade Temptress (2014)
(Pingkang Li Mysteries, book 2)
Jeannie Lin
"A deeply satisfying romance set in the midst of a fascinating world of glamour and intrigue."
A Desperate Fortune (2015)
Susanna Kearsley
"Susanna Kearsley just keeps getting better and better!"
Letters to the Lost (2015)
Iona Grey
"Letters to the Lost is a powerful debut, one of those rare books that grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go. It's a heart-wrenching, smile-through-the-tears story of love lost and refound - you won't be able to put it down!"
The Other Side of Midnight (2015)
Simone St James
"No one mixes romance, mystery, and that faint, spine-tingling sense of the supernatural, that curtain lifting in a breeze that isn't there, the hair prickling on the back of your neck, like Simone St. James. Her novels are the perfect combination of classic ghost story, historical fiction, and romantic suspense."
You're the Earl That I Want (2015)
(Lords of Worth, book 3)
Kelly Bowen
"Fans of Julia Quinn and Sarah Maclean will adore!"
A Curious Beginning (2015)
(Veronica Speedwell Mystery, book 1)
Deanna Raybourn
"Oh, frabjous day! Deanna Raybourn is back in the Victorian era with a heroine who could give Amelia Peabody a run for her money. No one write parasols, petticoats, and pistols like Deanna Raybourn."
Secrets in the Mist (2016)
Anna Lee Huber
"Calling all fans of Victoria Holt! Secrets in the Mist is a classic gothic with a Regency twist..."
According to a Source (2017)
Abby Stern
"A compulsively readable sneak peek into the secret lives of Hollywood's glitterati. Ella's spiral into self-awareness reminded me of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic--but with A-list celebrities instead of shoes!"
Becoming Bonnie (2017)
(Bonnie Parker , book 1)
Jenni L Walsh
"A compelling account of a nation and a life in disarray."
Murder on Black Swan Lane (2017)
(Wrexford & Sloane Mystery, book 1)
Andrea Penrose
"Fans of C.S. Harris take note! In this new, Regency-set mystery series, the artist Charlotte Sloane and the scientist Earl of Wrexford are the perfect mismatched pair of sleuths. A riveting ride through Regency London, from the slums of St. Giles, to the mansions of Mayfair."
The Way to London (2017)
Alix Rickloff
"THE WAY TO LONDON manages to combine a sense of epic sweep with a intimate look at one woman’s emotional transformation, as the war drives Lucy Stanhope from Singapore to Cornwall to London and finally to the place she belongs. I didn’t want the journey to end!"
As Bright as Heaven (2018)
Susan Meissner
"Susan Meissner brings the 1918 flu pandemic vividly to life in a mesmerizing tale."
The Darkling Bride (2018)
(Gallagher Family, book 1)
Laura Andersen
"Who can say no to an abandoned castle, a mysterious library, a renowned Victorian novelist, a brooding viscount, and a mystery that goes back several generations? Andersen captures the gothic tone perfectly, drawing you into the secrets of Deeprath Castle. . . . Perfect for reading on a rainy day with a strong cup of Irish tea!"
My Dear Hamilton (2018)
Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie
"If you’ve ever wanted to banter with Hamilton or share a dish of tea with the Marquis de Lafayette, open the covers of My Dear Hamiltonand step right in to Eliza Hamilton’s parlor [...] The gang’s all there!"
The Prisoner in the Castle (2018)
(Maggie Hope, book 8)
Susan Elia MacNeal
"The Prisoner in the Castle had me at ‘a new Maggie Hope mystery,’ but once you add And Then There Were None and a Scottish castle, how could any mystery reader resist? Darkly atmospheric, enchantingly macabre, and as beautifully woven as a clan tartan."
The Gown (2018)
Jennifer Robson
"A moving story about the power of female friendship and renewal in the face of adversity. Like the good luck sprig of heather hidden amid the embroidery on Princess Elizabeth’s wedding dress, this story promises secrets and lives that bloom in unlikely ways. Perfect for fans of The Crown!"
The Paragon Hotel (2019)
Lyndsay Faye
"Gangsters and prostitutes, nightclub singers and dodgy cops, an African-American hotel under constant threat of violence . . . Lyndsay Faye drops us right in the middle of the tumult of the Prohibition Era, bringing to life one of the darker times in our nation's history with wit and heart."
When We Left Cuba (2019)
(Cuba Saga, book 2)
Chanel Cleeton
"Cleeton draws you into the glamour, intrigue, and uncertainty of the Cuban exile community just after Castro's coup through a heroine who could give Mata Hari a run for her money.... You'll be rooting for Beatriz to change the course of history--and find her own hard-won happily ever after."
The Widow of Rose House (2019)
Diana Biller
"Take a Joanna Shupe Gilded Age romance, stir in a Simone St. James ghost story, add a pinch of Julia Quinn banter, and, voila! Sheer fun with a satisfying emotional conclusion."
Meet Me in Bombay (2019)
Jenny Ashcroft
"One of those rare and wonderful books that truly draws you into another place and time, word perfect, pitch perfect, detail perfect... Anyone who truly loves historical fiction should run to buy a copy of Meet Me in Bombay today."
The Queen's Fortune (2020)
Allison Pataki
"It’s not everyone who’s jilted by Napoleon and winds up queen of Sweden. Allison Pataki provides an intimate portrait of a tumultuous time—and of an ordinary woman who captivated two of the great men of her day and became the mother of a dynasty."
To Have and to Hoax (2020)
(Regency Vows, book 1)
Martha Waters
"A laugh out loud Regency romp - if you loved the Bridgertons, you'll adore To Have and to Hoax!"
The Mystery of Mrs. Christie (2020)
Marie Benedict
"THE MYSTERY OF MRS. CHRISTIE is part domestic thriller, part Golden Age mystery-- and all Marie Benedict! An absorbing and immersive plunge into the disturbed private life of one of the world's most beloved authors, who confounded police, journalists, and generations of biographers when she disappeared from her home, like something out of one of her own novels. But you just might find a solution to the puzzle here.... (No Belgian detectives required. Knitting spinsters sold separately.)"
Angels of the Pacific (2022)
Elise Hooper
"Absolutely riveting. A stay-up-all night read about two very different women who discover just how strong they can be - and just how much they'll dare - during the brutal Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War II. This story of endurance and sisterhood will have you turning pages late into the night."
The Tobacco Wives (2022)
Adele Myers
"With an atmosphere so thick you could blow it out in smoke rings, Adele Myers vividly conjures post war North Carolina, where ladies wear matching hats and gloves and no one questions the supremacy of the all-powerful tobacco leaf - except one young woman, trying to find her place in the world, torn between conflicting loyalties. A thoroughly immersive and engaging read!"
The Mad Girls of New York (2022)
(Nellie Bly , book 1)
Maya Rodale
"A lively reimagining of Nellie Bly's first and most famous "stunt" infiltrating the infamous Blackwell's asylum--as an inmate. If it sounds mad... well, it just might have been. Rodale vividly portrays the desperation and the daring, the determination and the sheer terror of Nellie Bly's bid to force her way through the male-guarded doors of New York journalism, as well as the heart-wrenching conditions she brought to light. A tale of the dark side of the Gilded Age and the women who wouldn't take no for an answer."
The Forty Elephants (2022)
Erin Bledsoe
"Forget the gangster and his moll; in the world of The Forty Elephants, it's the women wielding the weapons and the power. Erin Bledsoe brings the gritty underworld of 1920s London to life with the true story of Alice Diamond and her band of female thieves, showing the triumphs and the tolls of a life of crime. If you ever wished Boardwalk Empire had stronger women--and British accents--this is the book for you!"
The Portraitist (2022)
Susanne Dunlap
"In The Portraitist, Susanne Dunlap skillfully paints a portrait of a woman struggling to make her way in a man's world--a topic as relevant today as it was in Ancien R?gime France. Impeccably researched, rich with period detail, Dunlap brings to life the little-known true story of Adelaide Labille-Guiard, who fought her husband and society to make a name for herself as a painter to the royal family, the very apex of success--only to find everything she had built threatened by the Revolution. A stunning story of determination, talent, and reversals of fortune. As a lifelong Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun fan, I am now questioning my allegiances!"
Jacqueline in Paris (2022)
Ann Mah
"Before there was Camelot, there was a Vassar student in Paris. Ann Mah's Jacqueline in Paris paints a beautiful, richly textured portrait of both a woman and an era. Some novels are windows into a life, letting you peer through a glass; Jacqueline in Paris is an open door, inviting you to walk along with Jacqueline as she explores France, filtering myth from reality, and discerning the true strengths of both her adopted country and her own character. This book is the very best of biographical fiction!"
The Porcelain Moon (2023)
Janie Chang
"I'm so grateful to Janie Chang for bringing to life a side of the Great War - and France! - that one seldom sees: the Chinese laborers who came over to aid the war effort and the members of the Chinese community in Paris who volunteered as translators. Chang creates a fascinating, immersive story of worlds intertwining, a story of friendship, love, found family, and finding one's own place in a rapidly changing world."

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