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Mary Kay Zuravleff is the author of two novels, The Bowl Is Already Broken and The Frequency of Souls, both published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. She is the recipient of a 2008 Artist Fellowship from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and has just been named the 2008-09 Writer-in-Residence at American University.

Genres: Historical
   The Frequency of Souls (1996)
   The Bowl Is Already Broken (2005)
   Man Alive! (2013)
   American Ending (2023)
Mary Kay Zuravleff recommends
The Hive (2021)
Melissa Scholes Young
"You’ll buzz through The Hive, Melissa Scholes Young’s vibrant second novel about a close family and their closely held secrets. In a small conservative town, where Mark Twain scholars abide with Rush Limbaugh followers, four daughters and their mother try to save the family’s exterminating business. Each yearns to be true to herself and the hive, as loyalty wrestles with self-discovery. A loving portrait of a family that closes ranks even as it opens its heart."
False Light (2021)
Eric Dezenhall
"False Light is The Big Chill of the metoo era-I want the soundtrack of this terrific, timely book! I also want a buddy like the hilarious, loyal Sandy 'Fuse' Petty. On probation either because he's too old or too good, Fuse has the press chops to help his friend's daughter when her internship with a celebrity goes south. All he wants is justice, and for his teenage daughter to laugh at his jokes."
Death of a Rainmaker (2018)
(Dust Bowl Mystery)
Laurie Loewenstein
"When the wind comes sweeping down the plain in Death of a Rainmaker, Laurie Loewenstein takes your breath away. Her haunting and vivid prose deftly describes the opening chords of a dust storm that left families sick with dust pneumonia or dead broke. In this gripping tale of a sheriff searching for a killer in a dying town, Loewenstein rounds up characters with true grit, cunning, and kindness."

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