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Mary Elizabeth Counselman

USA flag (1911 - 1995)

Mary Elizabeth Counselman, born on November 19, 1911, was a writer of short stories and poetry. She later moved to Gainesville, Georgia where her father was a faculty member at the Riverside Military Academy. She attended Alabama College and Montevallo University. Ms. Counselman's work appeared in Weird Tales, Collier's, The Saturday Evening Post and other magazines. Her stories were dramatized on General Electric Theater and other television programs.
Anthologies containing stories by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
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Short stories
The Black Stone Statues
The Bonan of Baladewa
Cordona's Skull
Gleason's Calendar
The Green Window
Hargrave's Fore-Edge Book
The Huaco of Senor Perez
The Lens
The Prism of Truth
The Smiling Face
Something Old
The Unwanted
The House of Shadows (1933)
The Three Marked Pennies (1934)
Seventh Sister (1943)
A Death-Crown for Mr Hapworthy (1948)
The Devil's Lottery (1948)
The Shot-Tower Ghost (1949)
The Monkey Spoons (1950)
The Tree's Wife (1950)
Night Court (1953)