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(Mary Rosalyn Gentle)
UK flag (b.1956)

The author of A Secret History, Mary Gentle has written eight books that have won critical acclaim from science fiction and fantasy authors and critics alike. She's completed two Master degrees and is an expert sword-fighter. She resides in England

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
Golden Witchbreed
   1. Golden Witchbreed (1983)
   2. Ancient Light (1987)
Book of Ash
   1. A Secret History (1999)
   2. Carthage Ascendant (2000)
   3. The Wild Machines (2000)
   4. Lost Burgundy (2000)
   1. The Lion's Eye (2006)
   2. The Stone Golem (2007)
   A Hawk in Silver (1977)
   Moon at Midday (1989)
   Grunts! (1992)
   1610: A Sundial In A Grave (2003)
   Black Opera (2012)
   The Landing (2023)
thumbno image availablethumbthumb
   Scholars and Soldiers (1989)
   Villains! Book 1 (1992)
   Soldiers and Scholars (1995)
   White Crow (2003)
   Cartomancy (2004)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Under the Penitence (2004)
Anthologies edited
   The Weerde Book 1 (1992) (with Neil Gaiman and Roz Kaveney)
   The Weerde Book 2 (1993) (with Neil Gaiman and Roz Kaveney)
Mary Gentle recommends
The Leaky Establishment (1984)
David Langford
"A comic novel with both verbal wit and comedy of situation, that owes something to the tradition of Tom Sharpe, and a great deal more to the Langfordian warped sense of humour. The Leaky Establishment has that quality belonging to genuine farce, best described as delighted frustration - frustration because Tappen is blocked at every turn, difficulty piled on impossibility, until it seems that the plot can never be resolved; and delight, because these impossibilities are comic, one has the immense and reprehensible satisfaction of seeing some other poor bugger in the mire."

Books containing stories by Mary Gentle
Warrior Women (2008)
edited by
Paula Guran
Infinity Plus (2007)
The Anthology
edited by
Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers

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2000 British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel : A Secret History

Award nominations
2007 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : The Lion's Eye
2005 Locus Award for Best Collection (nominee) : Cartomancy
2004 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : 1610: A Sundial In A Grave
2001 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : Ash: A Secret History
2001 John W. Campbell Memorial Award (nominee) : Ash: A Secret History
2001 Arthur C. Clarke Award (nominee) : A Secret History
1992 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : The Architecture of Desire
1991 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : Rats and Gargoyles
1991 Arthur C. Clarke Award (nominee) : Rats and Gargoyles
1984 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : Golden Witchbreed

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