Thea Guanzon


Thea Guanzon was born and raised in the Philippines as the eldest of three siblings. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in international politics with a minor in peace studies and she has previously worked in governance and women’s rights. Aside from being a writer, she is an avid traveller, an enthusiastic fangirl, a Dungeon Master, a voracious reader of fantasy and science fiction, an iced coffee junkie, and a horror podcast aficionado.

 She currently resides in Metro Manila with two turtles named Dumpling and Potato Chip, an evil cat named Darth Pancakes, and a rather alarming amount of houseplants.


Genres: Paranormal Romance
New and upcoming books
October 2024

A Monsoon Rising
(Hurricane Wars, book 2)
Hurricane Wars
   1. The Hurricane Wars (2023)
   2. A Monsoon Rising (2024)
Thea Guanzon recommends
Hope Ablaze (2024)
Sarah Mughal Rana
"In Sarah Mughal Rana's scintillating debut, poetry moves through every page, from the deftly melodic prose to the rawly furious verses scattered between. Hope Ablaze is a POIGNANT, HONEST tale of two Americas, contrasting the warmth of community with the brutality of the institutions that seek to suppress it. Rana doesn't hold back, and the reader smiles at the touching relationships, laughs at the hilarious banter, salivates over the rich cuisine, yearns to bridge the generational divide, critically examines age-old systems rooted in prejudice, and cries out for justice along with her. The overarching theme throughout centers on the power of words to wound, to heal, to start a revolution-and Rana has done all of that in this EXQUISITE, LIFE-CHANGING story. A must-read."
Unbound (2024)
Christy Healy
"Unbound is a decadent eldritch fairy tale that ensnares the reader in its dark and tangled web. Healy's sumptuous prose brings Celtic myths to life and retains a dreamlike quality even while plunging into the nightmares that lurk within the human heart. Hurray for monstrous protagonists and the men that love them!"
Faebound (2024)
(Faebound, book 1)
Saara El-Arifi
"Immersive, inclusive, and impressive - this fantasy takes hold of your heart and refuses to let go."

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