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Jesse Q Sutanto is the author of Dial A for Aunties, The Obsession, and Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit. She has a master's degree in creative writing from Oxford University, though she hasn't found a way of saying that without sounding obnoxious. The film rights to her women's fiction, Dial A for Aunties, was bought by Netflix in a competitive bidding war. The novel will be out in April 2021. Jesse lives in Indonesia with her husband, her two daughters, and her ridiculously large extended family, many of whom live just down the road.

Genres: Romance, Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Romance, Children's Fiction

Jesse Q Sutanto recommends
Dragonfly Girl (2021)
Marti Leimbach
"Dragonfly Girl is unlike any other book I have read. The plot is taut and devilishly cunning, the science behind the story is brilliantly researched, and the writing pulls you in and doesn't let go until the very last page. You'll find yourself aching for the heroine's hardships at first, before suddenly being whisked off into a heart-thumping adventure that will leave you breathless. THIS BOOK SLAPS."
The Donut Trap (2021)
Julie Tieu
"The Donut Trap is a fun romance as delicious as a perfectly glazed donut, but beneath the sweet romance, it's also a richly developed story about the diaspora experience and the overwhelming sense of aimlessness that so often comes after graduating college. It's an important coming-of-age story about walking the fine line between forging your own path and not disappointing the parents who have given up everything for you. Expect to cry and laugh, all while craving donuts!"
Good Rich People (2022)
Eliza Jane Brazier
"A deliciously savage, viciously sharp-edged thriller."
Must Love Books (2022)
Shauna Robinson
"A book for book lovers that takes a hard look at the predatory approach of the corporate world with a heroine who's easy to love and root for. I enjoyed all of the inside look at the publishing industry from the perspective of a young woman scraping together all of her wits just to get by. It's impossible not to root for Nora!"
Red Thread of Fate (2022)
Lyn Liao Butler
"Lyn Liao Butler does it again! I was anticipating Butler's second book after devouring The Tiger Mom's Tale, and Red Thread of Fate did not disappoint! With a poignant tale and beautiful prose, Butler once again whisks us onto a powerful journey of loss, sorrow, but ultimately a journey of quiet strength."
Mr. Wrong Number (2022)
Lynn Painter
"Smart, sexy, and downright hilarious. Mr. Wrong Number is an absolutely pitch-perfect romantic comedy.--Christina Lauren, international bestselling author of The UnhoneymoonersThis book made me burst out laughing while on the treadmill and I almost lost my balance and fell to my demise. So. Don't read it while running on the treadmill, because you WILL explode with laughter at Olivia's terrible luck, and you will absolutely swoon over Colin, and you will definitely fall in love with the two of them and root for them with all of your heart. One of my favorite romcoms, heavy on the 'com' and steamy on the 'rom'."
My Sister's Big Fat Indian Wedding (2022)
Sajni Patel
"A vibrant and luscious celebration of the Indian culture. I couldn't have enough of everything--the extravagant wedding, the gorgeous outfits, the food, and of course, Patel's trademark strong female mains!"
Nobody But Us (2022)
Laure Van Rensburg
"A propulsive thriller that is atmospheric and haunting, with so many twists that it left me breathless. At the core of the story is a rage-fuelled message, a cry of fury that demands to be heard. A triumph of a novel."
Portrait of a Thief (2022)
Grace D Li
"This is the heist novel we deserve. Brilliantly twisty and yet so contemplative [...] this book will continue to haunt you long after you've reached the end."
My Summer Darlings (2022)
May Cobb
"Nobody writes deliciously wicked and devious housewives quite like May Cobb. MY SUMMER DARLINGS will tease, shock, delight, and enrage you. But most of all, it will leave you pleading for the next Cobb thriller!"
Set on You (2022)
(Influencer, book 1)
Amy Lea
"Set on You is energetic, steamy, bubbly, and so, so fun. But more than that, it's also a hugely important book that celebrates body positivity in the most joyous way possible."
City of Likes (2022)
Jenny Mollen
"Loved this fun ride of a book, with sharp humor and a surprising depth of emotions. Filled with delightful takes on how social media affects all of us, City of Likes is a must-read."
Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting (2022)
Clare Pooley
"Iona Iverson is nothing short of sheer and utter delight. It presents the best of humanity--the sweet and bashful kindness and generosity that lives in all of us. I can't think of a more joyful book and will be buying copies for everyone I know!"
Lucie Yi Is Not A Romantic (2022)
Lauren Ho
"After Last Tang Standing, my expectations were unreasonably high, but Lauren Ho somehow managed to exceed them with Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic. Prepare yourselves for a heroine who is laugh-out-loud funny and incredibly savvy. Lauren Ho is an auto-buy author for me!"
The Lost Ticket (2022)
Freya Sampson
"It's hard to think of another book quite as delightful as this one. The Lost Ticket is basically the best hug in the world in book form. It's a story about love and second chances and the best kind of unlikely friendships. Pick up this book if you're yearning for some joy in your life!"
As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow (2022)
Zoulfa Katouh
"We don't deserve Katouh's gorgeous words and heartbreaking story, but she has blessed us with it anyway. AS LONG AS THE LEMON TREES GROW is not only stunningly written, it's also an incredibly important work of our time, a book that will no doubt touch millions and leave us all broken and aching for more of Katouh's writing."
The Depths (2022)
Nicole Lesperance
"It's hard to think of another book as gorgeously written as The Depths. I was completely mesmerized by the beautifully haunting island and its eerie inhabitants. Utterly enthralling!"
The Make-Up Test (2022)
Jenny L Howe
"The Make-Up Test has all of the emotions of the roller coaster that's university life woven into its pages. The second-chance romance is a soothing balm to my heart, and the fat representation is exactly what I have longed to see in books. We need more stories like The Make-Up Test!"
Mindwalker (2022)
Kate Dylan
"Mindwalker is pure adrenaline shot straight into your veins. The story grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go, and by the end, you'll be begging for another book from Dylan! On a deeper level, it's also a wildly important read that takes an incisive look at issues of consent. A must-read for both fans of sci-fi and those who think they don't like sci-fi!"

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