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DC Alden is a UK-based thriller writer, filmmaker and screenwriter whose work encompasses a hugely entertaining mix of mystery, conspiracy, action/adventure, political and military/war genres. Born in London, DC's career has encompassed a variety of roles, from soldier to technical consultant, including work on many popular films and TV shows.

His first novel, Invasion, grew from a film script he conceived while researching a short for the Cannes Film Festival. A speculative military thriller, set in a world of failing western economies threatened by a united Islamic super-state, Invasion sold out its entire print run in three months and caught the attention of a major TV producer. These themes continue in The Horse at the Gates, a political thriller set in Britain's near future. The Arab Spring, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and continued public debate over mass immigration in Europe all tie in perfectly with this fast paced, provocative thriller. Dealing with highly topical and seldom explored themes and issues, DC is an emerging new talent whose writing is innovative, thought-provoking and always commands attention.

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Invasion UK
   1. Invasion: Downfall (2006)
   The Lost Chapters (2018)
   2. Invasion: Uprising (2020)
   3. Invasion: Frontline (2021)
   4. Invasion: Deliverance (2021)
   Invasion: Redux (2022)
Deep State
   1. The Angola Deception (2018)
   2. Fortress (2018)
   3. End Zone (2019)
   The Horse at the Gates (2011)
   UFO Down (2020)

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