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John Birmingham is an  British-Australian author. Birmingham was born in Liverpool UK and migrated to Australia with his parents in 1970. He grew up in Ipswich, Queensland. His only stint of full time employment was as a researcher at the Defence Department. After this he returned to Queensland to study law but he did not complete his legal studies, choosing instead to pursue a career as a writer. He currently lives in Brisbane.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror

John Birmingham recommends
The Company of the Dead (2007)
David J Kowalski
"Kowalski effortlessly smashes together high art and grand adventure in this alt-hist juggernaut."
The Battle at the Moons of Hell (2007)
(Helfort's War, book 1)
Graham Sharp Paul
"A planet-stomping space opera that bursts off the page like a tactical nuke."
Eagle in Exile (2016)
(Clash of Eagles Trilogy, book 2)
Alan Smale
"Epic, bloody, and hugely imaginative."
The Bayern Agenda (2019)
(Intergalactic Cold War, book 1)
Dan Moren
"Hypercool. It's like the Golden Age of sci-fi got an upgrade, with all the big honking space cannons and some desert planet dry humour thrown in for the bargain."
The Last Watch (2021)
(Divide , book 1)
J S Dewes
"More fun than that time The Expendables, the Dirty Dozen and all of The Night's Watch all got picked up by a random quantum tear in the fabric of spacetime and shot out the edge of the universe to kick ass and save humanity."

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